Doc's Sports News and information for Doc's Sports en-us Copyright Doc's Sports 2012 2014-09-01T18:26:22-05:00 Doc Sports Handicapping NCAA Football Predictions: Week 2 Opening Line Report and Picks What an interesting first week of college football. Obviously it's way too early to read too much into things, but Florida State doesn't look all that invulnerable unless Oklahoma State is way better than we think. Alabama looks somewhat overrated, while Texas A&M appears underrated. 2015 Super Bowl Contenders The confetti had barely been cleared from the Meadowlands back in February when I penned my first 2014 Super Bowl Contenders article. I went back to check out what I had written nearly seven months ago so I could compare that with how I currently feel about the NFL on the eve of the 2014 season. Five to Follow MLB Betting: Tuesday September 2, 2014 Opening Line Report I said that it was possible for either the Angels or A's to sweep their four-game series over the weekend and take total control of the AL West race. I just didn't think either team would sweep. Proves what I know. The Angels indeed did and now have a five-game lead in the division -- big enough that has taken down AL West futures. Sports Betting Bankroll Management Tips: Getting the Most out of your Money Bankroll management may not be the most interesting sports betting topic, but it is one of the most important. For bettors, sports betting is a skill, the same as playing poker or investing in the stock market, and the one tool that all bettors need—in the same way a roofer needs a hammer or a surgeon needs a scalpel—is money. A bettor can be the best handicapper in the entire world, but if he does not have money or manage his money correctly then he might as well change professions because he will never be in action. 2015 Super Bowl Predictions Now that the final cuts have been made, rosters are mostly in place, and all that is left is the waiting, it’s a good time to make some final Super Bowl predictions before the 2014-15 NFL season gets underway. I’m been doing this same task for a lot of years now, but I have to admit that I feel the most confused at this point in the season that I think I have ever felt. This is a crazy, wide-open season that could turn out any number of ways. NFL Office Pool Picks Week 1 We are finally — FINALLY — at the start of the NFL season. That means different things to different people. One of the biggest things to me is that I have another chance to win the office pool. Another shot at bragging rights. Another chance to gloat mercilessly. Another chance to get lucky and pretend it is all skill. It’s what the NFL is all about. NFL Survivor Pools Strategy Advice and Predictions: Week 1 I love NFL survivor pools. There is no better puzzle when it comes to pools. What makes them so great is partly that you have to be good at evaluating which teams will win and lose every week, partly that luck is a big an unavoidable part of things, but mostly that strategy plays such a huge part in being successful. Betting with The Prop Machine and Free Monday Pick The long wait for sports bettors is over with the start of a new season of football. The college ranks got underway last week, and this Thursday, Sunday and Monday all 32 teams in the NFL will take to the field to kick off the 2014 regular season schedule. Free NCAA Football Pick for Monday Miami vs. Louisville Bobby Petrino's second stint with the Louisville Cardinals begins tonight and he's got a tough act to follow. Charlie Strong coached this team to a 12-1 SU record last year on the back of QB Teddy Bridgewater's success and playing in a relatively soft Big East conference. The Cardinals do have plenty of returning starters this year, but as we've seen already this weekend, replacing a talented starting QB often comes with mixed results and typically takes time to get your football program rolling again. Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays 9/1/2014 Free MLB Picks & Predictions The Boston Red Sox will match up with the Tampa Bay Rays on Monday, September 1, 2014. Our matchup report includes analysis on the starting pitchers, betting trends, injury reports, and a free pick on who we think is most likely to win.