Doc's Sports News and information for Doc's Sports en-us Copyright Doc's Sports 2012 2014-08-27T09:52:20-05:00 Doc Sports Handicapping College Football Power Rankings: the Ferringo 15 How many professional handicappers do you know that have hit 60 percent of their college football picks each week over the past two years and, letís say, about 250 plays? And even if you did know of someone that managed to accomplish that feat, were they giving those picks out for FREE? Week 1 NFL Odds: Taking a Closer Look at the Biggest Underdogs on Betting Board The NFL can see some huge spreads on a weekly basis. Last year the Jacksonville Jaguars were a 27-point underdog against the Denver Broncos and a 19-point dog against the Seattle Seahawks (they went 1-1 ATS). Lines of that magnitude, however, are rare, and big underdogs tend to stay in the 10- to 14-point range. Weekly Q&A with Docís Sports Expert Handicapper Raphael Esparza Docís Sports: The new college football season kicks things off this week with a couple of huge showdowns on the slate. Starting with Thursdayís No. 21Texas A&M vs. No. 9 South Carolina matchup in the SEC, how do you see this game shaking out with the Gamecocks favored by double-digits with most of the Las Vegas books? 2014 SEC Football Predictions and Futures Odds Picks The SEC conference has been the cream of the crop in college football for the last decade or so and I don't believe much will change this year. From top to bottom in the SEC there are some very good teams and we should see some high level football from all of them this year. The odds are quite spread out as to who will end up winning the conference title game in early December as this might not be Alabama's territory to rule anymore. 2014 Pac-12 Football Predictions and Futures Odds Picks The Pac-12 will once again be one of the better all-around conferences in college football this year as it's the deepest it's been in years. Only three programs (Cal, Washington State, Colorado) are expected to be going through growing pains this year as all three are very big longshots to win the conference (+22500). Five to Follow MLB Betting: Wednesday August 27, 2014 Opening Line Report You really shouldn't have been backing the wretched Texas Rangers regardless, but now don't even think about it the rest of the season. Outfielder Shin-Soo Choo is being shut down for the season, and while he's been a disappointment, he's still was one of the team's best healthy players left. In addition, ace Yu Darvish also likely will be shelved. 2014 SEC Predictions and College Football Futures Odds There exists the idea in college football that there is the SEC and then there is everyone else. The idea is that this conference is some kind of behemoth, playing at a level above and beyond the rest of the nation. Well, that idea is a media-driven falsehood. It is myth, like Southern Hospitality. And now that ESPN has a hefty financial stake in this myth, you can expect several more years of hype-fueled fellatio directed at the Southís most far-reaching social contribution of the last 30 years. 2014 ACC Predictions and College Football Futures Odds Itís a new year but the same story for the ACC: parity or mediocrity? The conference does boast the defending BCS National Champion with Florida State. But they have gone just 4-13 in BCS bowl games and still have too many 7-6-caliber teams populating the league. NCAA Football Predictions: Week 1 Opening Line Report and Picks It feels like forever ago that we saw Florida State beat Auburn in the final BCS Championship Game -- and one of certainly one of the best national title games this century. Now the BCS is dead, and we are introduced to the four-team College Football Playoff. How will it work? No one seems to know other than the 13 members who will pick the national semifinalists similar to how the NCAA Tournament field is chosen. College Football Betting: Best Games of First Week of NCAA Season When the first week of the college football season finally rolls around, I am not picky about what I watch. I am so starved for the action of our greatest sport that I would watch absolutely anything. There are, though, obviously some games that are more significant and important than others.