Doc's Sports News and information for Doc's Sports en-us Copyright Doc's Sports 2012 2014-11-22T08:05:39-05:00 Doc Sports Handicapping Monday Night Football Predictions: Baltimore Ravens at New Orleans Saints Odds & Picks OK, let's talk about my favorite two divisions in the NFL this season, the Ravens' AFC North and Saints' NFC South. I say favorite because all four teams in each could still win the division. Yes, even the 2-8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren't dead in the South. NFL Handicapping: Betting Ramifications of Moved Jets vs. Bills Game We get a lot of snow where I live, but I will never again complain about it (well, that’s not true, but you get my point). We have never seen anything close to what they have been hit with in Buffalo this week. Just think about this — the amount of snow that has fallen is deeper than the tallest player in the NBA. Almost as crazy are the pictures emerging Friday evening of snowmobiles picking up players at their homes and delivering them to a bus to the airport. Surreal. Football Odds Weekly Report on Most Significant Line Moves College football’s regular season is down to its final two weeks. Where has the time gone? The picture is become a little bit clearer in the race to be a part of the four-team playoff, but all of the teams that are left in the running have some dangerous games between now and the end of the season. This week’s college football slate has quite a few subpar matchups, but next week there are a bunch of elite games. NBA Odds and Predictions: Saturday, November 22 Opening Line Report and Handicapping One of the NBA's most-heated rivalries, fueled in large part by Dallas owner Mark Cuban, is Mavericks-Rockets. They meet for the first time this season on Saturday night in the marquee matchup on the schedule. Expect a rude welcome back to Houston for Mavericks swingman Chandler Parsons after he left the Rockets this past offseason when Cuban lured him with a three-year, $45 million offer as a restricted free agent. Of course, it's not Parsons' fault that the Rockets decided not to match. Here's a look at every game on the schedule This Week in Sports Betting, A-Z A. Adrian Peterson. The NFL has suspended AP for the rest of the season as a result of his child-abuse scandal. Roger Goodell actually had the audacity to admit that part of the reason for the harsh punishment was that Peterson did not show enough genuine contrition for inflicting harm on his son. Sure that would have been nice to see from Minnesota’s star running back, but since when has contrition been a league requirement? Doc's Sports Handicapping - Weekly Newsletter November 19-November 26 Doc's Sports Advisory Board of expert handicappers continues to get the job done, and they cleaned up this past weekend with more than $3K in earnings with their football Top Plays. Find out who has the strongest picks this weekend, and get nine free picks from a multitude of sports with Doc's weekly newsletter! Free Expert NFL Picks: Cleveland Browns at Atlanta Falcons Odds and Predictions Here's another week where I'm previewing a game I never would have thought of back in the preseason. Shoot, even a month ago I wouldn't have guessed that Sunday's Browns-Falcons would be an intriguing matchup. This is the second of two games featuring an AFC North contender against an NFC South one. The other is Monday's Ravens-Saints matchup, and I'll get into how crazy both divisions are in that preview. Free Expert NCAA Football Picks: Oklahoma State Cowboys at Baylor Bears Odds Baylor has the top scoring offense in the country, has lost just once, plays in a decent conference, and has a win over the other top team in the Big-12. Despite all of that, though, they don’t control their own destiny and will likely only make it into the inaugural four-team playoff if several teams in front of them really falter. It only barely seems fair, but that’s what you get for scheduling cupcakes. SMU, Northwestern State and Buffalo is just a terrible nonconference schedule — especially for a team that wants to be a legitimate contender. NBA Odds and Predictions: Friday, November 21 Opening Line Report and Handicapping The NBA isn't college football or the NFL. One win or loss does not a season make and will not change futures odds. Thus, even though Cleveland was beaten on Tuesday night at home by San Antonio in a potential NBA Finals preview, the Cavs remain +250 title favorites at, with San Antonio still No. 2 at +400. Both sides could be caught in letdown games on Friday night. Here's a look at the full schedule. College Basketball Betting: Under-the-Radar Teams with Value One of the biggest of the many joys of college basketball is the capability of teams to come from seemingly nowhere to shine. There are so many teams and so many leagues that no one but the most devoted follower can pay attention to everything. That means that teams can come from off the radar and, for those who are wise to them, deliver huge value for bettors. Now that we are into the new college basketball season, here is a look at seven teams that could be pleasant under-the-radar surprises this season: