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2008 Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Schedule

Below you will see the complete season schedule for the Philadelphia Phillies. Each year, Doc’s Sports will be updating this site with the current Phillies schedule, so be sure to bookmark this site. Also provided below the schedule is the complete seasonal schedule for the other MLB teams. Need Phillies winners? Visit our Baseball picks page for winners plus the latest information.

The Phillies will play their 89 home games @ Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park.

The Philadelphia Phillies are first in action on Mon, Mar 31st, 2008 and conclude their 178-game regular season on Wed, Oct 29th, 2008. This schedule features every game including the date, time, and location plus updated scores and pitcher information.

On our right side bar you will see sections for Odds, Handicapping Matchup Reports, Daily Scores, (with stats, injuries, game previews, recaps and more) If you bet on sports visit the 5 handicappers pages on the left side bar under the "Advisory Board" section for Free Sports Picks.

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2008 Philadelphia Phillies Schedule

Click HERE for 2009 Philadelphia Phillies schedule and scores
Click HERE for 2007 Philadelphia Phillies schedule and scores

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DATEOPPONENTTIME (ET)LocationResultW PitcherL Pitcher
Mon, Mar 31st, 2008Washington03:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (11 - 6)RiveraGordon
Wed, Apr 2nd, 2008Washington07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (1 - 0)ReddingHamels
Thu, Apr 3rd, 2008Washington01:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (8 - 7)CondreyColome
Fri, Apr 4th, 2008 at Cincinnati07:10 PMGreat American Ball ParkW (8 - 4)KendrickFogg
Sat, Apr 5th, 2008 at Cincinnati01:10 PMGreat American Ball ParkL (4 - 3)CorderoDurbin
Sun, Apr 6th, 2008 at Cincinnati01:15 PMGreat American Ball ParkL (8 - 2)VolquezMyers
Mon, Apr 7th, 2008 at Cincinnati12:35 PMGreat American Ball ParkW (5 - 3)HamelsArroyo
Tue, Apr 8th, 2008 at NY_Mets01:10 PMShea StadiumW (5 - 2)MoyerSchoeneweis
Wed, Apr 9th, 2008 at NY_Mets07:10 PMShea StadiumL (8 - 2)PelfreyKendrick
Thu, Apr 10th, 2008 at NY_Mets07:10 PMShea StadiumL (4 - 3)SosaGordon
Fri, Apr 11th, 2008Chicago_Cubs07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (5 - 3)MyersZambrano
Sat, Apr 12th, 2008Chicago_Cubs07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (7 - 1)HamelsLilly
Sun, Apr 13th, 2008Chicago_Cubs01:35 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (6 - 5)WoodSeanez
Tue, Apr 15th, 2008Houston07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (4 - 3)SeanezValverde
Wed, Apr 16th, 2008Houston07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (2 - 1)OswaltKendrick
Thu, Apr 17th, 2008Houston01:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (10 - 2)MyersBacke
Fri, Apr 18th, 2008NY_Mets07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (6 - 4)SantanaHamels
Sat, Apr 19th, 2008NY_Mets03:55 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (4 - 2)PerezMoyer
Sun, Apr 20th, 2008NY_Mets08:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (5 - 4)RomeroFeliciano
Mon, Apr 21st, 2008 at Colorado08:35 PMCoors FieldW (9 - 5)SeanezBuchholz
Tue, Apr 22nd, 2008 at Colorado08:35 PMCoors FieldW (8 - 6)MadsonCorpas
Wed, Apr 23rd, 2008 at Milwaukee08:05 PMMiller ParkL (5 - 4)StetterHamels
Thu, Apr 24th, 2008 at Milwaukee01:05 PMMiller ParkW (3 - 1)GordonRiske
Fri, Apr 25th, 2008 at Pittsburgh07:05 PMPNC ParkW (6 - 5)GordonDuke
Sat, Apr 26th, 2008 at Pittsburgh07:05 PMPNC ParkW (8 - 4)KendrickMorris
Sun, Apr 27th, 2008 at Pittsburgh01:35 PMPNC ParkL (5 - 1)MaholmMyers
Tue, Apr 29th, 2008San_Diego07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (7 - 4)HamelsMaddux
Wed, Apr 30th, 2008San_Diego07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (4 - 2)YoungMoyer
Thu, May 1st, 2008San_Diego07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (3 - 2)GordonThatcher
Fri, May 2nd, 2008San_Francisco07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (6 - 5)RomeroWilson
Sat, May 3rd, 2008San_Francisco07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (3 - 2)TaschnerSeanez
Sun, May 4th, 2008San_Francisco01:35 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (6 - 5)LidgeYabu
Mon, May 5th, 2008 at Arizona09:40 PMChase FieldW (11 - 4)MoyerScherzer
Tue, May 6th, 2008 at Arizona09:40 PMChase FieldL (6 - 4)JohnsonEaton
Wed, May 7th, 2008 at Arizona09:40 PMChase FieldW (5 - 4)RomeroQualls
Thu, May 8th, 2008 at Arizona03:40 PMChase FieldL (8 - 3)WebbMyers
Fri, May 9th, 2008 at San_Francisco10:15 PMAT&T ParkW (7 - 4)HamelsWalker
Sat, May 10th, 2008 at San_Francisco04:05 PMAT&T ParkL (8 - 2)LincecumMoyer
Sun, May 11th, 2008 at San_Francisco04:05 PMAT&T ParkL (4 - 3)TaschnerRomero
Tue, May 13th, 2008Atlanta07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (5 - 4)KendrickReyes
Wed, May 14th, 2008Atlanta07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (8 - 6)GlavineMyers
Thu, May 15th, 2008Atlanta07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (5 - 0)HamelsJames
Fri, May 16th, 2008Toronto07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (10 - 3)MoyerPurcey
Sat, May 17th, 2008Toronto07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (6 - 3)BurnettEaton
Sun, May 18th, 2008Toronto01:35 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (6 - 5)FrasorSeanez
Mon, May 19th, 2008 at Washington07:10 PMNationals ParkL (4 - 0)ReddingMyers
Tue, May 20th, 2008 at Washington07:10 PMNationals ParkW (1 - 0)GordonRauch
Wed, May 21st, 2008 at Washington07:10 PMNationals ParkW (12 - 2)MoyerChico
Thu, May 22nd, 2008 at Houston08:05 PMMinute Maid ParkW (7 - 5)DurbinWright
Fri, May 23rd, 2008 at Houston08:05 PMMinute Maid ParkL (4 - 3)BackeEaton
Sat, May 24th, 2008 at Houston07:05 PMMinute Maid ParkL (4 - 3)MoehlerMyers
Sun, May 25th, 2008 at Houston02:05 PMMinute Maid ParkW (15 - 6)SeanezNieve
Mon, May 26th, 2008Colorado07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (20 - 5)MoyerDe La Rosa
Tue, May 27th, 2008Colorado07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (7 - 4)KendrickJimenez
Wed, May 28th, 2008Colorado07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (6 - 1)EatonReynolds
Fri, May 30th, 2008Florida07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (12 - 3)MyersHendrickson
Sat, May 31st, 2008Florida07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (7 - 3)NolascoHamels
Sun, Jun 1st, 2008Florida01:35 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (7 - 5)MoyerWaechter
Mon, Jun 2nd, 2008Cincinnati07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (5 - 4)KendrickArroyo
Tue, Jun 3rd, 2008Cincinnati07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (3 - 2)EatonHarang
Wed, Jun 4th, 2008Cincinnati07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (2 - 0)VolquezMyers
Thu, Jun 5th, 2008Cincinnati01:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (5 - 0)HamelsBailey
Fri, Jun 6th, 2008 at Atlanta07:35 PMTurner FieldW (4 - 3)GordonAcosta
Sat, Jun 7th, 2008 at Atlanta07:10 PMTurner FieldW (6 - 2)RomeroReyes
Sun, Jun 8th, 2008 at Atlanta01:35 PMTurner FieldW (6 - 3)DurbinBoyer
Tue, Jun 10th, 2008 at Florida07:10 PMDolphin StadiumL (5 - 4)NolascoMyers
Wed, Jun 11th, 2008 at Florida07:10 PMDolphin StadiumL (6 - 2)GreggGordon
Thu, Jun 12th, 2008 at Florida07:10 PMDolphin StadiumW (3 - 0)MoyerOlsen
Fri, Jun 13th, 2008 at St._Louis08:15 PMBusch StadiumW (20 - 2)KendrickWellemeyer
Sat, Jun 14th, 2008 at St._Louis03:55 PMBusch StadiumL (3 - 2)LohseEaton
Sun, Jun 15th, 2008 at St._Louis02:15 PMBusch StadiumL (7 - 6)ReyesGordon
Mon, Jun 16th, 2008Boston07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (8 - 2)HamelsColon
Tue, Jun 17th, 2008Boston07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (3 - 0)LesterMoyer
Wed, Jun 18th, 2008Boston01:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (7 - 4)MastersonKendrick
Fri, Jun 20th, 2008LA_Angels07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (7 - 1)SantanaEaton
Sat, Jun 21st, 2008LA_Angels07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (6 - 2)SaundersMyers
Sun, Jun 22nd, 2008LA_Angels01:35 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (3 - 2)WeaverHamels
Tue, Jun 24th, 2008 at Oakland10:05 PMMcAfee ColiseumL (5 - 2)BlantonMoyer
Wed, Jun 25th, 2008 at Oakland10:05 PMMcAfee ColiseumW (4 - 0)KendrickSmith
Thu, Jun 26th, 2008 at Oakland03:35 PMMcAfee ColiseumL (5 - 0)HardenEaton
Fri, Jun 27th, 2008 at Texas08:05 PMRangers Ballpark in ArlingtonL (8 - 7)RupeCondrey
Sat, Jun 28th, 2008 at Texas08:05 PMRangers Ballpark in ArlingtonW (8 - 6)HamelsPadilla
Sun, Jun 29th, 2008 at Texas06:05 PMRangers Ballpark in ArlingtonL (5 - 1)HurleyMoyer
Tue, Jul 1st, 2008 at Atlanta07:10 PMTurner FieldW (8 - 3)KendrickMorton
Wed, Jul 2nd, 2008 at Atlanta07:10 PMTurner FieldW (7 - 3)EatonCampillo
Thu, Jul 3rd, 2008 at Atlanta07:10 PMTurner FieldW (4 - 1)HamelsJurrjens
Fri, Jul 4th, 2008NY_Mets07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (3 - 2)LidgeSanchez
Sat, Jul 5th, 2008NY_Mets07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (9 - 4)FelicianoRomero
Sun, Jul 6th, 2008NY_Mets01:35 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (4 - 2)SmithDurbin
Mon, Jul 7th, 2008NY_Mets07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (10 - 9)MartinezEaton
Tue, Jul 8th, 2008St._Louis07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (2 - 0)PineiroHamels
Wed, Jul 9th, 2008St._Louis07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (4 - 2)CondreyMcClellan
Thu, Jul 10th, 2008St._Louis01:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (4 - 1)MoyerLooper
Fri, Jul 11th, 2008Arizona07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (6 - 5)SeanezRobertson
Sat, Jul 12th, 2008Arizona03:55 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (10 - 4)JohnsonEaton
Sun, Jul 13th, 2008Arizona01:35 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (6 - 3)MadsonQualls
Fri, Jul 18th, 2008 at Florida07:10 PMDolphin StadiumW (4 - 2)MoyerNolasco
Sat, Jul 19th, 2008 at Florida03:55 PMDolphin StadiumL (9 - 5)OlsenKendrick
Sun, Jul 20th, 2008 at Florida01:10 PMDolphin StadiumL (3 - 2)WaechterCondrey
Tue, Jul 22nd, 2008 at NY_Mets07:10 PMShea StadiumW (8 - 6)DurbinSmith
Wed, Jul 23rd, 2008 at NY_Mets07:10 PMShea StadiumL (6 - 3)MaineMadson
Thu, Jul 24th, 2008 at NY_Mets12:10 PMShea StadiumL (3 - 1)HeilmanRomero
Fri, Jul 25th, 2008Atlanta07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (8 - 2)JurrjensKendrick
Sat, Jul 26th, 2008Atlanta03:55 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (10 - 9)EatonBoyer
Sun, Jul 27th, 2008Atlanta01:35 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (12 - 10)CondreyTavarez
Tue, Jul 29th, 2008 at Washington07:10 PMNationals ParkW (2 - 1)MyersBalester
Wed, Jul 30th, 2008 at Washington07:10 PMNationals ParkW (8 - 5)MoyerRedding
Thu, Jul 31st, 2008 at Washington07:10 PMNationals ParkW (8 - 4)KendrickLannan
Fri, Aug 1st, 2008 at St._Louis08:15 PMBusch StadiumL (6 - 3)LohseHamels
Sat, Aug 2nd, 2008 at St._Louis07:15 PMBusch StadiumW (2 - 1)BlantonLooper
Sun, Aug 3rd, 2008 at St._Louis08:05 PMBusch StadiumW (5 - 4)DurbinGarcia
Tue, Aug 5th, 2008Florida07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (8 - 2)JohnsonMoyer
Wed, Aug 6th, 2008Florida07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (5 - 0)KendrickSanchez
Thu, Aug 7th, 2008Florida01:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (3 - 0)VolstadHamels
Fri, Aug 8th, 2008Pittsburgh07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (2 - 0)BeamWalrond
Sat, Aug 9th, 2008Pittsburgh07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (4 - 2)MyersSnell
Sun, Aug 10th, 2008Pittsburgh01:35 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (6 - 3)EyreYates
Mon, Aug 11th, 2008 at Los_Angeles10:10 PMDodger StadiumL (8 - 6)LoweKendrick
Tue, Aug 12th, 2008 at Los_Angeles10:10 PMDodger StadiumL (4 - 3)KuoRomero
Wed, Aug 13th, 2008 at Los_Angeles10:10 PMDodger StadiumL (7 - 6)BroxtonCondrey
Thu, Aug 14th, 2008 at Los_Angeles10:10 PMDodger StadiumL (3 - 1)KurodaMyers
Fri, Aug 15th, 2008 at San_Diego10:05 PMPetco ParkW (1 - 0)MoyerMaddux
Sat, Aug 16th, 2008 at San_Diego10:05 PMPetco ParkL (8 - 3)ReinekeKendrick
Sun, Aug 17th, 2008 at San_Diego08:05 PMPetco ParkW (2 - 1)HamelsBaek
Tue, Aug 19th, 2008Washington07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (5 - 4)MadsonShell
Wed, Aug 20th, 2008Washington07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (4 - 0)MyersBalester
Thu, Aug 21st, 2008Washington07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (4 - 3)RiveraMadson
Fri, Aug 22nd, 2008Los_Angeles07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (8 - 1)KendrickMaddux
Sat, Aug 23rd, 2008Los_Angeles03:55 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (9 - 2)HamelsKershaw
Sun, Aug 24th, 2008Los_Angeles08:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (5 - 2)DurbinBeimel
Mon, Aug 25th, 2008Los_Angeles07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (5 - 0)MyersBillingsley
Tue, Aug 26th, 2008NY_Mets07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (8 - 7)SeanezSchoeneweis
Wed, Aug 27th, 2008NY_Mets07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (6 - 3)StokesSeanez
Thu, Aug 28th, 2008 at Chicago_Cubs08:05 PMWrigley FieldL (6 - 4)HowryDurbin
Fri, Aug 29th, 2008 at Chicago_Cubs02:20 PMWrigley FieldL (3 - 2)SamardzijaCondrey
Sat, Aug 30th, 2008 at Chicago_Cubs03:55 PMWrigley FieldW (5 - 2)MyersLilly
Sun, Aug 31st, 2008 at Chicago_Cubs02:20 PMWrigley FieldW (5 - 3)MoyerMarshall
Mon, Sep 1st, 2008 at Washington03:05 PMNationals ParkL (7 - 4)ReddingKendrick
Tue, Sep 2nd, 2008 at Washington07:10 PMNationals ParkW (4 - 0)HamelsLannan
Wed, Sep 3rd, 2008 at Washington07:10 PMNationals ParkL (9 - 7)RiveraDurbin
Fri, Sep 5th, 2008 at NY_Mets07:10 PMShea StadiumW (3 - 0)MyersPelfrey
Sat, Sep 6th, 2008 at NY_Mets03:55 PMShea Stadium   
Sun, Sep 7th, 2008 at NY_Mets08:05 PMShea StadiumL (6 - 3)SantanaHamels
Sun, Sep 7th, 2008 at NY_Mets02:15 PMShea StadiumW (6 - 2)MoyerMartinez
Mon, Sep 8th, 2008Florida07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (8 - 6)BlantonSanchez
Tue, Sep 9th, 2008Florida07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (10 - 8)GreggKendrick
Wed, Sep 10th, 2008Florida04:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (7 - 3)NolascoMyers
Thu, Sep 11th, 2008Milwaukee07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (6 - 3)MoyerSheets
Fri, Sep 12th, 2008Milwaukee07:05 PMCitizens Bank Park   
Sat, Sep 13th, 2008Milwaukee03:55 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (7 - 3)HamelsParra
Sun, Sep 14th, 2008Milwaukee01:35 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (7 - 3)EyreMota
Sun, Sep 14th, 2008Milwaukee07:35 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (6 - 1)MyersSuppan
Tue, Sep 16th, 2008 at Atlanta07:10 PMTurner FieldW (8 - 7)MadsonGonzalez
Wed, Sep 17th, 2008 at Atlanta07:10 PMTurner FieldW (6 - 1)HappJurrjens
Thu, Sep 18th, 2008 at Atlanta07:10 PMTurner FieldW (4 - 3)HamelsHampton
Fri, Sep 19th, 2008 at Florida07:10 PMDolphin StadiumL (14 - 8)JohnsonMyers
Sat, Sep 20th, 2008 at Florida07:10 PMDolphin StadiumW (3 - 2)BlantonSanchez
Sun, Sep 21st, 2008 at Florida04:10 PMDolphin StadiumW (5 - 2)MoyerVolstad
Mon, Sep 22nd, 2008Atlanta07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (6 - 2)EyreBennett
Tue, Sep 23rd, 2008Atlanta07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (3 - 2)HamptonHamels
Wed, Sep 24th, 2008Atlanta07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkL (10 - 4)CarlyleMyers
Fri, Sep 26th, 2008Washington07:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (8 - 4)BlantonBalester
Sat, Sep 27th, 2008Washington03:55 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (4 - 3)MoyerLannan
Sun, Sep 28th, 2008Washington01:35 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (8 - 3)WalrondPerez
Wed, Oct 1st, 2008Milwaukee03:07 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (3 - 1)HamelsGallardo
Thu, Oct 2nd, 2008Milwaukee06:07 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (5 - 2)MyersSabathia
Sat, Oct 4th, 2008 at Milwaukee06:37 PMMiller ParkL (4 - 1)BushMoyer
Sun, Oct 5th, 2008 at Milwaukee01:07 PMMiller ParkW (6 - 2)BlantonSuppan
Thu, Oct 9th, 2008Los_Angeles08:22 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (3 - 2)HamelsLowe
Fri, Oct 10th, 2008Los_Angeles04:35 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (8 - 5)MyersBillingsley
Sun, Oct 12th, 2008 at Los_Angeles08:22 PMDodger StadiumL (7 - 2)KurodaMoyer
Mon, Oct 13th, 2008 at Los_Angeles08:22 PMDodger StadiumW (7 - 5)MadsonWade
Wed, Oct 15th, 2008 at Los_Angeles08:22 PMDodger StadiumW (5 - 1)HamelsBillingsley
Wed, Oct 22nd, 2008 at Tampa_Bay08:35 PMTropicana FieldW (3 - 2)HamelsKazmir
Thu, Oct 23rd, 2008 at Tampa_Bay08:29 PMTropicana FieldL (4 - 2)ShieldsMyers
Sat, Oct 25th, 2008Tampa_Bay08:35 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (5 - 4)RomeroHowell
Sun, Oct 26th, 2008Tampa_Bay08:29 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (10 - 2)BlantonSonnanstine
Wed, Oct 29th, 2008Tampa_Bay08:37 PMCitizens Bank ParkW (4 - 3)RomeroHowell

All Times EST

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