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Formula 411 System

Page Updated September 21, 2023 @ 8:22 PM CST
Formula 411 System
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    411 System Tweaked in 2023! Formula 411!

    Formula 411: +$11,940 Profit L2 Seasons!

    2-4 Picks Each Week! 8U Pick NFL Week 3!


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This week picks will be texted Wed 3 p.m. EST. 8-Unit pick for Monday Night Football and 7- and 5-Unit picks for Sunday!

Record for Formula 411 System:

2008 23-8……………..74% +$5500

2009 27-10……………73% +$6500

2010 23-14-2……….62%. +$4200

2011 17-20-2………..46%. +$900

2012 16-8-2………….67%. +$5100

2013 9-12-1………….43%. -$2700

2014 15-13-2…………54% +$340

2015 17-10…………….63%. +$3100

2016 18-14…………….56%. +$900

2017 15-8-2………….65%. +$4070

2018 16-17-1………..48%. -$2260

2019 18-12-3……….60%. +$2510

2020 11-16……………42%. -$4950

2021 29-19…………..60%. +$4560

2022 27-13-3.………..63%. +$7540

2023 1-1...50% -$160

Winning 12 out of 15 years +$35,150.00

Formula 411 System: 2-4 Picks Each Week

* NFL Formula 411 System: 2-4 Picks Each Week

* Picks Texted directly to your mobile device

* NFL 411 System: 12 of 15 winning years (+$35,150)

* Formula 411 System: (+$11,940 L2 Seasons)

Allen Eastman's NFL 411 System has been tweaked for 2023 and is now the Formula 411 System! Free trial for new users, text FORMULA to 29022!


Formula 411 System BIO

Formula 411 System

History of Eastman's NFL 411 System

The NFL 411 System has been tweaked for 2023 for maximum profitability, and is now called the Formula 411 System!

The story of how the “411 System” came to be sounds like some sort of gambler’s old wives tale or urban legend.

Several years ago a professional gambler finally perfected what he believed to be an all-encompassing NFL football betting system: The “411 System”. This NFL football betting system took into account a range of NFL variables like coaching, quarterback play, defense, and even weather. There was a point value assigned to each variable and teams were compared based on their scores according to the system list.

And the best NFL football betting system was successful. The bettor that started the system allegedly used to sell the picks for as much as $5,000 per play and used it to cream the books for over a decade. He could charge so much because the system produced at nearly a 70 percent rate year-in and year-out.

Then, unfortunately, the originator of the “411 System” passed away, seemingly taking the secrets of his NFL betting system with him.

Eastman's Formula 411 System

Beating the NFL takes hard work, and over the years I have tried to simplify things. a spreadsheet pulls in the info and spits out winners. I have streamlined the process over the years.

Join in the partnership in Profit

However, several bettors that had been following the system were able to recover some stats, documents, and other information. There were some missing pieces and some holes in the formula and those pieces were then brought to Doc’s Sports handicapper Allen Eastman to decode and decipher. And after a year of diligent work Eastman and a small group of programmers were able to unlock the secrets of the NFL betting system and use it to produce an incredible amount of football profit.

The dynamic football betting system also helped Eastman finish No. 3 $1,500-buy-in Las Vegas Hilton Super Contest.

For obvious reasons, Eastman won’t reveal all of the variables that factor into what we feel to be the best NFL betting system out there. But the idea is that there are nearly 50 components that make up the system. Each of those components is given a point rating and teams are then scored and compared based on those ratings each week.

Eastman has added new filters and statistical measures – he has created The 411 System of Football Betting and is the most elite, profitable version of this football betting system ever devised.

Free Trial: Text FORMULA to 29022

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The 411 System is based on a very complicated and unique grading system that gives a score to every single NFL game based on a variety of components.

After all of the components are figured for each team the ideal differential is for one team to have 30 or more points than its opponent. Those few plays become official “411 System” plays.

The “411 System” is really one of the most remarkable NFL handicapping systems in the world. And Allen Eastman is proud to use this system to help his clients destroy the books and earn an amazing profit in NFL betting. When fall rolls around and the pigskin starts flying don’t forget about this proven moneymaker. And know that at least one thing that is too good to be true in gambling actually lives up to its billing.

You will not be disappointed. And as with all cappers on the Doc's website you are 100% guaranteed to show a profit or your account will be extended and we'll work for free until we do so. If you have any further questions about Allen Eastman or his picks call 1-866-238-6696 and get signed up today.

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