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Young Contenders - Kendall Holt
by Trever "DeuceDrop" Malagon - 10/25/2005

Kendall Holt (20-1, 12 KOís) is a budding star in the welterweight division. Kendall possesses fast hands and good combinations in the ring. Holt is a very fast starter and he loves to take advantage of the first round by dropping huge bombs on his unsuspecting opponents. His fast pace in the beginning of the fight lets his challengers know that they better be careful. Thatís what usually happens to guys when they step into the ring with him, they start off being game, and then they tend to proceed with more caution as the fight progresses.

Kendall Holt

Holt is a work in progress and is a cherished prize fighter for the Duva boxing family. I think that they are bringing Holt along at a nice steady incline. He has been stopped once, and that was due to carelessness. The youth and adrenaline of the young fighter, cocktailed with inexperience, led Holt to leave himself open for a counter attack. A huge punch that he never saw coming, put Kendall down hard. Although he beat the count, and it was at the end of the round, Kendall was in no condition to continue. This is left to be argued, but itís old news now and the decision is final.

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The Duva boxing family knows exactly what they have on their hands, a potential star in Kendall Holt. They know that his lighting quick hands and combinations are what make world champs. They also know that fast hands equal power, and along with power there are knockouts. Holt is a T.V. friendly fighter, which could create a fan base and some big money all the way around.

I think that Kendall has a great chance of becoming a world champion some day. Kendall has a loss but it builds character if you can learn from it. His biggest win to date is against David Diaz who was (26-0, 14KOs) at the time. Kendall fought a hard seven rounds until the eighth round when he scored a TKO stoppage.

Iíd like to see Holt step it up a bit and fight for minor belts. It is time for him to start fighting guys that are ranked in the top 20. Kendall has a few things to improve on such as ring generalship, footwork and stamina. All in all he is a balanced fighter and a soon to be recognized boxer. The more active he is the better off heíll be too. I rate him as a C+/B- fighter. Boxing a higher class of fighter will make him a solid B, if he continues to win.

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