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Robert's Daily Hook

7-Unit MLB Total Tonight!!!
7 of 8 Winning MLB Nights
4-0, +$2,160 On L4 Big Plays
Very Rare 7-Unit Play!

+$2,300 College Football Profit

2014 KING System: 4-2, +$630
4-1 On College Plays 5.0+


2-0 Monday Night SWEEP!
Philadelphia + 'Over'
Winning NFL Football Week 2
12 of 17 Winning NFL Weeks
Nearly 60% On L200 Football Picks
Amazing 62.1% (95-58) 2013 NFL Season

$17,500 Football Profit Last 21 Months
31 of 45 Winning Football Months
6 of 7 Winning NFL Seasons
3 of 4 Winning Overall Football Years

***No. 1 Football Handicapper
In The U.S. In 2013-2014***


Headed For 4 of 5 Winning Seasons
Headed For 5 of 7 Winning Seasons

6 of 7 Winning NFL Seasons
7 of 8 Winning Augusts

31 of 45 Winning Football Months (No. 1 in USA)
$17,500 Football Profit L22 Months (No. 1 in USA)

Epic 2013 Season: 95-58 = 62.1 percent, $7,800
13 of 17 Winning Overall Football Weeks
11 of 15 Winning NFL Weeks
-6 On Plays of 7.0 or Higher
98-55 (64%) On L153 Football Picks of 2013

Great way to end the week as we swept our two Monday Night Football selections, hammering winners with Philadelphia and the 'over'. We posted a strong winning NFL Week 2 (now 12 of 17 winning NFL weeks) and we were one game away from making it three straight winning college football weeks. We are now 4-1 on plays of 5.0+ in college football and have 2 of 3 winning college weeks and $2,300 in profit on the season. I'll be back with more this Thursday and I am looking forward to a big two-week close to September as I look to earn another overall winning football month after a profitable August (31 of 45 winning football months)
. CLICK HERE to sign up.

Last year I had an epic NFL season, hitting over 62 percent of my picks on the year and banking +$7,100 in profit.
You do not want to miss out as we unload on the books and keep this good karma going.
Heading into mid-September I was on a run where I had hit over 60.2 percent of my last 166 football plays. That's an unprecedented mark in this industry and No. 1 in the nation during that time. It shows sustained, long-term success and there is plenty more where that came from. We have posted 31 of 45 winning football months and over the last 21 football months we have banked over $18,000 in profit for our $100 backers. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? CLICK HERE to sign up.
The KING System went 1-2 on the weekend and is now 4-2 for $630 in profit so far this season. We hit our first two 5-Unit Plays from the KING System but couldn't make it a trifecta as Georgia fell in South Carolina. Regardless, the KING System is off to another solid start and is now 88-60 over the last three seasons (back-to-back winning years). That means we're working with a 60 PERCENT COLLEGE FOOTBALL BETTING SYSTEM and we'll have more plays this coming week. Read more about the

Remember: it's one week. There is a L-O-N-G way to go. Let's bear down, settle in, and keep our focus on our long-term goals.

We dominated from the very start of the season, posting our sixth winning August in the last seven that we've had picks thanks to an amazing NFL Preseason, and we plan on doing it once again. And overall I have proven once again that I am one of the best football handicappers in the country. WE NEARLY DOUBLED OUR BANKROLL last year, posting nearly $8,000 in profit for my clients. We hit a ton of big plays and I picked nearly 70 percent NFL winners over the last three months of the year. You did not do that well. And no other handicapper in the country did that well. And I'm looking forward to having another legendary season this fall and winter. CLICK HERE to get on board The Victory Train.

Honestly, my football numbers were staggering last year and it is tough to know where to start. But here is a rundown of some of the things that we accomplished in the 2013-14 season and the bar that we are trying to clear this season:

 - Hit 65 percent of our last 115 overall plays, going 75-40.
 - Dominated the NFL, hitting 62.1 percent of our plays (95-58).
 - 41-17 with our last 58 NFL sides and 47-23 with NFL sides the L12W
 - That's a 71 percent run over 58 plays and 67 percent over 70 picks.
 - Wow.
- Down the stretch had 12 of 15 winning overall weeks
- Finished by posting 11 of 14 winning NFL weeks.
 - 11-4 with our plays of 7.0 or higher
 - 2-0 with our top two NFL futures (Arizona and KC 'over') for $1,300 profit
 - Earned nearly $8,000 with all college and pro NFL picks this year
 - 10-3 on our L13 plays rated 4.0 or higher; 8-1 on plays rated 5.0 and higher
 - 6-1 on our L7 plays rated 6.0 or higher; 5-0 on plays rated 7.0 and higher


This recent amazing run is not a new phenomenon. I have posted six of seven winning NFL seasons, three of four winning overall football seasons, and an unrivaled 30 of 44 winning football months over the past seven years. In fact, over the last 20 football months I have raked in over $17,400 in football profit for my clients, by far the highest total in the country. I plan on utilizing my unique, successful, proven Ferringo Method - my mathematically-based approach to sports betting - for another fantastic fall and winter season. Sign up today and get every selection that I make from August to February for our lowest price of the year.

2014 AFC East Divisonal Preview
2014 AFC North Divisonal Preview
2014 AFC South Divisonal Preview
2014 AFC West Divisonal Preview

2014 NFC East Divisonal Preview
2014 NFC North Divisonal Preview
2014 NFC South Divisonal Preview
2014 NFC West Divisonal Preview

See How I'm Seeing The College Field:
The Ferringo 15 - CLICK HERE
SEC Conference Preview - CLICK HERE
ACC Conference Preview - CLICK HERE
Big 10 Conference Preview - CLICK HERE
Big 12 Conference Preview - CLICK HERE
AAC Conference Preview - CLICK HERE

Denver Broncos Season Win Total Picks: CLICK HERE
Seattle Seahawks Season Win Total Picks: CLICK HERE
Pittsburgh Steelers Season Win Total Picks: CLICK HERE
Dallas Cowboys Season Win Total Picks: CLICK HERE

Click Here For Picks On Every NFL Team!

Florida State Seminoles Season Win Total Picks: CLICK HERE
Texas Longhorns Season Win Total Picks: CLICK HERE
Alabama Crimson Tide Season Win Total Picks: CLICK HERE
Oklahoma Sooners Season Win Total Picks: CLICK HERE

Click Here For Picks On Every College Team!

5 of 7 Winning MLB Seasons
This Year Will Make It 6 of 8!!!
$15,000 Since June of 2012
CLICK HERE To See Our Amazing 2012 Run!

We pulled off another sweep on Monday, hitting with the Dodgers and the Orioles, and then took a 'push' on Tuesday. We have posted SEVEN OF EIGHT WINNING NIGHTS AND WE'RE GOING WITH A 7-UNIT PLAY ON WEDNESDAY. We have earned over $1,700 in profit since last Monday and we are 4-0, +$2,160 with our few big plays over the last two months. Let's see if we can't catch a hot streak to close out the regular season. Even though football is in full swing I am completely focused on locking up a profitable season on the diamond as well. Let's get back after it on Sunday.

I am a long-term thinker and The Ferringo Method is set up to provide exponential profit ($13,000 in MLB profit alone over the last 16 months we've had picks). If you are trying make "a quick buck" or you are enticed by handicappers touting short-term results then good luck to you. But I can make you a promise: if you buy in and trust my system and method you will have more money than you started with at the end of the season. And that is what this game is all about. We're going to make a lot of money and have a lot of fun doing it and I'd love to have you on board. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR SIX MONTHS WORTH OF WINNERS!

I HAVE POSTED BACK-TO-BACK WINNING YEARS AND HAVE 5 OF 7 WINNING BASEBALL SEASONS. I was the Gold Standard in baseball handicapping from 2007-2009 and I have since adjusted my systems to the new post-steroid era. It has made a difference and it has worked out brilliantly, as our back-to-back winning years attest. I feel much more prepared this year and I am ready for my best season yet. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.

11/11/12 to 2/1/14 = $15,320 Profit
11/7/10 to 2/1/14 = $30,650 Profit
$58,000 Early Season Profit L9Y
21-8 (All Sports) On L28 7-Unit Selections
15 of 18 Winning College Hoops Months
$53,000 In Nonconference Profit L8Y

Special Thanks To College Hoops Clients
Thanks again for the support as we continue to post the best college hoops resume in the nation. I'll see you next fall when we make it No. 7 in a row!

The numbers, at this point, are too many to list in this space. But here are some of the highlights from my college basketball season:

- $10,000 profit with college hoops sides and totals
- $17,000 profit with sides and totals since 11/11/12
- 17 of 20 winning college hoops months
- NINE straight winning nonconference seasons
- SIX straight winning overall seasons
- 26-10 on picks of 4.0 or higher
- $34,000 college hoops profit since the start of 2009
- $53,000 nonconference profit since 2006

2008-2009: $2,085 In Profit - CLICK HERE to see 2008 results
2009-10: $2,700 In Profit - CLICK HERE to see 2009 results
2010-11: $6,080 In Profit - CLICK HERE to see 2010 results
2011-12: $11,375 In Profit - CLICK HERE to see 2011 results
2012-13: $5,000 In Profit - CLICK HERE to see 2012 results
2013-14: $7,200 In Profit - CLICK HERE to see 2012 results

I have been on the (very) short list of the best college basketball handicappers in the country over the last six years - all winning seasons. I have a fantastic system and I am going to turn a profit. This isn't one good or fluke week, month or season. Anyone can do that. I provide consistent, reliable, verifiable long-term profit that is unmatched by anyone in the industry. Trust in the Ferringo Method and you will be rewarded with just legendary days like we had on Jan. 18 when we banked $2,200 in profit, Feb. 1 when we earned $2,600 in profit and Feb. 8 when we banked $2,400 in profit. I'll be back next fall as we go for Lucky No. 7 - seven straight winning years.

Ferringo Archive - READ UP HERE

For access to all of my articles, with detailed analysis, insight and my usual wit and wisdom, click the link. I am a member of the Football Writer's Association of America and a member of the Basketball Writer's Association of America and I will be adding to the archive with more this week. Here are some of my latest:

NFL Power Rankings: CLICK HERE
Ferringo 15 College Football Power Rankings: CLICK HERE

Today's Advantage Play of the Day:

Back-to-back Free Play winners. Check back Wednesday for our next one!

Robert Ferringo's BIO


That is the Robert Ferringo handicapping philosophy. And that mindset is at the core of one of the most exciting, consistent and profitable handicappers in the country. Robert has a long-term model for success. And his creative and intelligent methods have made him one of the most successful handicappers in the country over the last decade and has helped him become one of the rising superstars in the industry.

Robert employs a unique system that blends sound money management techniques, a keen understanding of risk management and solid statistical analysis. There are no “Get Rich Quick” schemes when it comes to betting, so he utilizes a solid long-term strategy for success that relies that is a proven moneymaker.

Robert has worked with and been featured in:

CBS Sports Radio
Esquire Magazine
Football Outsiders.com
Southern Gaming
Countless local and national radio programs
Member: Football Writers Association of America
Member: Basketball Writers Association of America

Robert is dedicated to consistency and a long-term vision of success. He is not some flash-in-the-pan handicapper that relies on short-term stats, hype, or manufactured "big plays" to reel in clients. Robert utilizes THE FERRINGO METHOD, his completely unique betting style (that you can read about HERE), and his adherence to the core principles of his gambling mantra have made him one of the most successful and profitable handicappers in the nation over the last three years.

Robert can take it from here:

Be Bold.
Be Aggressive.
Be Smart.

That sums it up. I have a completely unique handicapping method and have revolutionized the industry with The Ferringo Method. My goals for my clients are simple: make money and have a blast doing it. I have achieved those goals - and then some - in my seven years with Doc's and I'm going to keep it going. If you are interested in making REAL money and actual PROFIT in long-term sports investing then sign up and jump on The Victory Train today! Quit missing out and put The Ferringo Method to work for you today!

A lot of handicappers hide, manipulate, or just flat-out lie about their records. I do not. A lot of handicappers talk the talk but at the end of the day they are burning YOUR money. They want to try to paint themselves as successful statisticians or "mathematicians" when really they are nothing more than two-bit hucksters and frauds. That's not my style. I actually have a mathematically-based method that cannot be duplicated. And my results speak for themselves. Don't buy into hype, word play or manipulations. Buy into SUCCESS and a proven track record.

"HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY are both very important to me."

Partially because I have no reason to lie but mainly because The Ferringo Method, my completely unique handicapping method, is set up for long-term profit. I am not rattled by a few losing days, or losing weeks or even a losing month here and there. Because I know that over the long-term we are going to consistently earn profit and produce. Gambling isn't magic, it's math. And my statistically based systems and my one-of-a-kind handicapping style have allowed me to be an elite profit producer in this industry during my time with Doc's Sports.

My sheets from the past few years are available in my bio. I don't post football because my systems are proprietary. But I don't distort or cherry-pick, or only show the winning seasons. I have every other sport available - win or lose - because I respect my clients enough to give them the truth, for good or ill. Don't fall for marketing BS, hype, or disinformation; demand records! And feel free to compare them to mine. I'm sure there are other guys that have had better seasons here or there. But I will put my long-term record up against anyone in the country.

6 STRAIGHT Winning College Hoops Seasons!
4 of 5 Winning NHL Seasons!
3 of 4 Winning NBA Seasons!
6 of 7 Winning NFL Seasons!
5 of 7 Winning MLB Seasons!

A lot of handicappers that either aren't used to winning or who don't win long-term get all excited about a couple winning nights. Not me. For me it is about actually making money in both the short and long term and doing it month after month, season after season, sport after sport. And no one has done it better over the last five years. If you want short-term thrills and all hype with no substance then go use some nickel-and-dime wannabe tout who is probably lying about or manipulating his record anyway. If you actually want to make a lot of money and have a great time doing it then sign up today!


I post it all - the good, the bad, and the great! - because my clients deserve the most profitable, most honest, most transparent service that you can find. That is what I provide.

2010 MLB (second half): +5200
2010 Soccer: +1600 2010 SOC results

2010 Football: +1200
2010 NCAAB: +6100
2010 CBB results

2010 NHL: +11,200
2010 NHL results
2010 NBA: +1200
2010 NBA results
2011 MLB:
-6700 2011 MLB results

2011 Football: +1600
2011 NCAAB: +11,300
2011 results
2011 NHL: +2400
2011 NHL results
2011 NBA: +3700
2011 NBA results
2012 Soccer:
-1200 2012 SOC results
2012 MLB: +3400
2012 MLB results

2012 Football:
2012 NCAAB: +5000
2012 CBB results

2012 NBA: +205 2012 NBA results
2012 NHL: +305 2012 NHL results
2013 MLB: +590

2013 Football: +7860
2013 NCAAB: +7480

2012 (365 days) Total: +16,400
2013 (365 days) Total: +7,375

3.5-Year Total
(6/10 to 1/1/14): +50,065

Robert's clients nearly tripled their bankrolls in 2012 from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 and since the summer of 2010 they have SEXTUPLED their original bankroll. We are averaging about $14,300 in profit per year for $100 backers over the last three-and-a-half years!!!
That is at 1-Unit = $100 = 1 percent of bank roll. And none of those numbers take into account that someone would probably raise their Unit size as their bank roll grew. If you extrapolated out those compound profits the actual totals over three-plus years would probably be closer to $70,000-$80,000.

Those numbers increase to between $450,000 and $700,000 in profit for dime bettors in that three-year stretch. Those numbers are UNRIVALED BY ANYONE IN THE COUNTRY - and the best is yet to come!

Robert is a true “hybrid” handicapper. On one hand he relies upon some of the most sophisticated systems in sports handicapping. On the other hand he utilizes his innate “feel” for sports betting. And those two skills combine to make him a force in the gambling world.

Click here to get on board with him in college basketball, the NHL, the NBA, college and pro football, or for his Major League Baseball betting selections.

Robert is one of the most entertaining and insightful sports information writers in the country and we are happy to have him as part of the Doc' Sports Team. He
handicaps all major sports - college and pro football, college basketball, NHL hockey, NBA basketball, and Major League Baseball - as well as releasing selections in Triple Crown Horse Racing and World Soccer.

"Arrogance has no place in the gambling world and I prefer to let my production speak for itself." Robert says. "I have confidence that the tremendous amount of time and effort that I invest into studying my sports will continue to pay dividends and keep me one step ahead of the slicksters and carnival barkers within the industry."

“If you think you’re going to win every day then you shouldn’t be betting. But if you practice sound money management, if you adopt a long-term strategy for success, and you are looking to make a lot of money and have a lot of fun doing it then I would love for you to get on board.

"Remember: gambling isn't magic - it's mathematics."

Fact: If you started with just $10,000 in June of 2010 and played every selection in every sport that Robert released for $100 per Unit you would now have a bankroll of around $50,000. That's right - you would have rolled your stack over five times and you would be just swimming in cash. (And that doesn't even included compound profits, since your per-Unit bet would have increased as your bank roll increased.) I want you to show me any stock that can turn you a 500 percent return over less than a two-year period. But I have DOCUMENTED SUCCESS during that time period and I look forward to keeping it going.

Call Wade today (1-866-238-6696) and get yourself set up with a combination package and get all of Robert's plays. Whether you like a lot of action each day or weekend, or whether you prefer just a few primo plays each week, Robert's selections are the perfect way to build a bankroll and have a great time doing it!

“My goals for my clients are very simple: I want each and every one of them to make money and to have a lot of fun doing it. If that’s not what we’re after then why bother gambling?”

You will not be disappointed; and as with all cappers on the Doc's Sports website, you are 100% guaranteed to be shown a profit or your account will be extended and we'll work for free until we do so.

Robert Ferringo's Football Picks

Weekly subscription - $99.00
With this package you get one week of member College and NFL football picks. This package includes any major picks released during that week including top Game of the Week, Game of the Month, or Game of the Year plays. We guarantee you a profit with this package or your account will automatically be extended in our system for the following weeks football picks free of charge until a profit is made.

Note: When you sign-up for a one week package on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, you will be cutoff after the Monday Night Football Game on that week. You will not be extended unless your chosen handicapper does not show you a profit. For the best value in lines, we encourage you to sign-up on Thursday. If you sign-up on Saturday many of the games will have point spread movement from the original lines that are posted. BUY NOW

One Month Football Package - $325.00
With this package you will receive every football pick your chosen handicapper makes for four straight weeks and this includes both college and NFL. This will likely include any Game of the Year plays, one Top Game of the Month, and four Top Game of the Week football picks. With this package we guarantee you a profit or we'll extend your account free of charge until a profit is made. BUY NOW

Complete Seasonal Football Package - $950.00
With this package you get every college and NFL pick your chosen handicapper releases through the Super Bowl in February of 2015. Bowl Games, Top Games, all Game of the Year plays (College & Pro) for your handicapper are included in this package. All football picks come with detailed analysis, unit values, and rotation numbers. With this package you get it all for the best value and this, as with all of our packages, is backed by our guarantee. If you have any questions call 1-866-238-6696 or email service@docsports.com. This is the best value on the website giving you over six months of selections from your chosen handicapper.

If you signed-up for a Complete Season Football Package and would like a complimentary copy of the 2013 Docís Sports journal please send an email to service@docsports.com. BUY NOW

Robert Ferringo's MLB Picks

One Day MLB Picks Package - $30.00
With this package you will receive all the baseball picks that your MLB handicapper makes for a one day period. This will include any Game of the Year, Game of the Month, or Top Games of the Day baseball picks that may fall during this time. We guarantee you a profit or the next two days are FREE. BUY NOW

7 Day - Weekly MLB Picks Package - $99.00
With this package you will receive every baseball pick your handicapper makes for a seven day period. This will include any Top Games of the Week, plus any Game of the Year and Game of the Month picks that may fall during this time. As with all packages we sell, we guarantee you a profit or we will extend your account work for free until you are profitable. BUY NOW

Monthly MLB Picks Package - $299.00
(Save $100) - With this package you will receive every baseball pick your handicapper makes for a 30 day period. This will include a Game of the Month play plus any Game of the Year and all the Top Game of the Week picks that may fall during this time. As with all packages we sell, we guarantee you a profit or we will extend your account and work for free until you are profitable. BUY NOW

Remainder of the MLB Season Package - $395.00
With this package you will receive every baseball pick that your handicapper makes for the remainder of 2014 MLB season through October. Every Game of the Year, Game of the Month, and Game of the Week will be yours. This is one of the best values on the internet and is your complete pass for a successful ending to the MLB season. 100% profit guarantee as with all packages. Call our office and learn about our 3 for 1 offer when you sign up for this package and get 3 handicappers to start with to compare service, style and performance. Call 1-866-238-6696. BUY NOW

Robert Ferringo's NBA Basketball Picks

One Day NBA Basketball Subscription - $30.00
With this package you get all of our NBA Predictions for a one day period - this also includes any major picks that are released that day including our Top Game of the Week, Game of the Month, Game of the Years, etc. We guarantee you a profit with this package or your account will automatically be extended the following morning for two additional days free of charge. BUY NOW

One Week NBA Basketball Subscription - $99.00
With this package you get one week of our NBA basketball predictions and you save more than $100 off the daily rate. This package includes any major plays released during that week. As with all packages we sell, we guarantee you a profit or we will work for free until we do. BUY NOW

One Month NBA Basketball Subscription - $299.00
If you are new to our service and would like to try us out, our most popular package is our one-month package, which gives you the same guaranteed winning NBA picks that our full season members receive for a 30-day period and also saves you over $600 off the daily rate. Profit is guaranteed or we'll extend your service and work for free until it happens. BUY NOW

Full Season NBA Basketball Subscription (Early Bird Special) - $795.00
(Normally $950) - With this package you get a full season of NBA picks, including all of our major plays, including the NBA Game of the Year and Totals Game of the Year. This is the best value for your money and works out to a much less than $100 per month. This is a great deal and will provide you with nearly eight months of NBA betting action for one low price! If you are interested in signing up for a full season services with multiple cappers, please give us a call direct @ (866) 238-6696. BUY NOW