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IC's Daily Notes and Calculus Model Predictions

7* ACC GOTY - Georgia State vs. Clemson - (Saturday @ 3:30pm) 

FOOTBALL CARD, "IC-7" OUT! (Goal: 5-2, +1000) - Pair of 7* Selections - 1 in College Football and 1 in NFL! 

7* NFL Selection! - Titans vs. Eagles - (Sunday @ 1pm est), 6-3 with NFL Top Plays! 

NBA: 6-2 Run Overall!

2014 NBA Season: (14-9, 61% for +1350!)

2013 BEST NBA Season in America! (94-62, 60%, +12,890), Documented Spreadsheet: Best Season in any sport our Career! http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2013-nba-ic.pdf 

2014 NBA/CBB: 17-13 (57%) for +1500 

BEST NBA/CBB Combined Season in America in 2013: (156-107, 59% for +17,310) Join for the Entire College Ball and NBA Season Today! 

*28-12 (69%) in Step-Outs 
*2nd Half of Season: 53-34 (62.5%) (+8310)
*Playoffs: 24-13 (66%) for +4710 
*Only 156 NBA Selections per year 

2013 College Basketball Season Documented:  (62-45, 58% for +4420) Spreadsheet: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2013-cbb-ic.pdf ​(Last Year's Famous Runs: 7-0, 9-0 and 18-2 Runs!, 22 Wins in a Row in 2007!) [March Madness +1900 and Conference Play: 42-29 (57%) for +3970!]

2011 College Ball Season Results: (81-55, 60% for +8400) Best College Ball Season in 2011! http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2011-cbb-ic.pdf 

Hockey: 2014 Season: 25-14 (64%) Overall and Fantastic 19-10 Run! (57-32, 66%, +4679 dating back to last Year!)

Comp Winners on Insane Run! 29-12 (70%) Subscribe on Youtube to get Daily Videos Sooner! 

Friday's Video Comp: 3 FREE SELECTIONS! Premium - Free Edmonton vs. New Jersey, Comp is on Boston vs. Kentucky, Honroable Mention: Troy vs. Georgia, 29-12 Comp Run. 407-265 (60% in Comps for nearly 2 Year!).  Comp: 3 Straight Winners! - Kings Under Thursday, Lakers Under Wednesday, Sacramento Over Tuesday,  Honroable Mention: Lakers Outright on Wednesday! 1 of the Most Watched/Subscribed Youtube Oddsmakers in Country! Over 720,000K Views! Subscribe on Youtube for Free Prediction Winners Sooner Each Day! Previous Football Videos and Predictions: http://www.docsports.com/free-sports-picks-daily-videos.html

Football NFL, College Top 25, SEC and ACC Previews (50 Football Games Free Predictions!) 

Uploaded by 5pm est 

Daily Comp Video: (Loaded by staff by 9am daily)



6* College Ball Selection Today! (8:30pm)

SMU vs. Indiana (8:30pm) 

7* Kentucky/Kansas Under 143.5 (Ez-W)

7* Friday: VCU -7.5 over Tennessee (85-69) (W)

Goal: 60% and +8400 like we did in 2011 (81-55, +8400)

Documented 2013 (62-45, 58% for +4420) Spreadsheet: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2013-cbb-ic.pdf 

Documented 2011 (81-55, 60% for +8400) Spreadsheet:http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2011-cbb-ic.pdf

Our Best Sport! We only do 107 College Ball Selections Per Year! 

*Conference Play: 42-29 (57%) for +3970
*March Madness; +1900 
*Record Breaking January: 21-10 (68%) for +5160 
*Winning 4 of 5 Seasons (+9950) in that Span! 

2011: #1 College Ball Season in America: (81-55, 60% for +8400) 

Winning each of the 5 Months in College Ball!

Documented Spreadsheet: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2011-cbb-ic.pdf

Nice winner with Gonzaga blowing out St. Josephs as we expected and we look for yet another winner on the docket today as we are at our season high of +830 with our 1 POD system.  We lookf for it with a 6-unit selection and go 3-0 with college ball step-outs this year.

It is well documented that College Basketball is historically our best sport. We come off a strong season in which we went 62-45 (58%) (spreadsheet above) for +4400 and look to do even better this year.  This includes winning 4 of 5 seasons and having multiple seasons where we finished #1 in the Country.  In 2011, we went 81-55 (60%) for +8400 (spreadsheet above) winning every single month in a dynamic year.  We can't wait for College Basketball start as combined NBA/CBB we went 156-107 (59%) for +17,310 which is #1 in America and can't wait to see if we can do +20,000 this Year! 


6-1 Run 

2014 Season: 14-8 (64%) for +1670

Last 4 Winning NBA Selections have won by a 126 Point Differential! (Avg. of 31 points per game!) 

Consistency: Most we have lost is Back to Back Days this Season 

3* Monday: Memphis -4 over Houston (119-93) (Ez-W) (24 Pt. Differential!)

Sunday 3*: Under 183.5 OKC/Houston (69-65) (Ez-W) (60 Point Differential!)

Saturday 7*: Toronto -10 over Jazz (111-93) (Ez-W) (8pt. Differential)

Friday: 4* NBA: Over 211 Cleveland/Boston (Ez-W) (122-121) (34pt. Differential)
Thursday 3* NBA: Under 208.5 Brooklyn/Golden State (W) 
Wednesday 3* NBA: Over 205 Brooklyn/Phoenix (111-105) (Ez-W) (11 point Differential) 

Goal this Year: 60% and +12,000 Again! 

30-13 (70%) for +11,500 with Step-Outs 

2013: BEST NBA Season in America Last Year! (94-62) (60%) (+12,890)

(Documented Spreadsheet) http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2013-nba-ic.pdf

+17,250 since March 2nd, 2013 (#1 in America)
Step-Outs: 28-12 (69%) Overall 
2nd Half of Season: 53-35 (62.5%) for (+8310) (#1 in America)
Playoffs: 24-13 (66%) for +4710 (#1 in America)

6-1 Run as our step-out did not pan out.  We did hit the comp selection behind the Lakers Under and the Lakers.  We have not lost back to back days in the NBA yet and we look to keep that streak going on the docket today.  Let's look to move to 7-1 as our ebb and flow of standard and step-out selections continue to work well for us for 2 Years as we have posted +19,500 since March 2nd of 2013.

It is well documented with our success in Basketball as we had the #1 NBA Winning % in America last year and the #1 NBA/CBB Season last Year!  We have a unique and special way of coming up with our own lines and given that we love fading the public, it works extremely well for the NBA and Basketball in general.  This includes going 60% in the NBA last year for +12,890 which is nothing short of spectacular combined with success in College Ball (+4420) and success in WNBA for near +21,000 for the entire Basketball year doing just 1 Play of the Day!  We can't wait for this year's NBA Season and College Ball Season! We have won 2 of 3 years in the NBA and 4 of 5 years in College Ball including 2011, when we went 60% and +8100 (spreadsheet on right hand side).  Join us for both the NBA and College Ball this year as our goal last year was go go +8000 in both sports combined and we hit +17,310.  We are going to likely another big success this year focused just our NBA Theory and Big12, SEC, Pac, Big10 and Top 25 Basketball teams. 


2014 Season: 25-15 (62%), Winning Season! 

19-10 Run

Consistency: (Most we have lost is back to back days this Season) 

Goal: 55% +5000

+5910 Dating back to Last Year! 

2* Monday: Over 5.5 Goals NY Rangers/Tampa Bay (5-1) (W)

2* Saturday: Over 5.5 St. Louis vs. Washington (+130) (4-1) (L)
3* Friday: Over 5.5 Columbus vs. Philadelphia (4-3) (Ez-W)
3* Thursday: Winnipeg +100 over Carolina (3-1) (W)
3* Wednesday: LA Kings -110 over Anaheim (6-5) (L)
3* Tuesday: Under 5 Buffalo vs. St. Louis (6-1) (L)
2* Monday: Boston -185 over New Jersey (4-2) (W)

3* Sunday: Under 5.5 Edmonton NY Rangers (3-1) (W) 
3* Friday: Under 5.5 ANaheim vs. Arizona (3-2) (W) 

3* Thursday: Minnesota -110 over Ottawa (3-0) (L)
3* Wednesday: Under 5 Montreal/Buffalo (2-1) (W)  
3* Tuesday: Minnesota -117 over Pittsburgh (L)

3* Monday: St. Louis -125 over NY Rangers (4-3) (W) 
3* Sunday: Under 5.5 Winnipeg vs. Chicago (W) 
3* Friday: Nashville over Calgary (3-4) (L)

5* Thursday: Under 5.5 Pittsburgh/LA Kings (3-0) (Ez-W) 
3* Tuesday: Under 5.5 Carolina (4-1) (W) 
3* Monday: Under 5.5 Montreal/Edmonton (3-0) (Ez-W) (Analysis Below) 

4* Saturday: Washington -115 over Calgary (3-1) (Ez-W) (We Predicted Exact Score!)
3* Friday: Under 5.5 Columbus vs. Calgary (4-1) (+110) (W) 
2* Thursday: Minnesota -180 over Arizona (W) 
7* Wednesday: Washington -150 over Edmonton (L)
3* Tuesday: Nashville -150 over Arizona (4-3) (W) 
3* Monday: Under 5.5 Tampa Bay/Edmonton (3-2) (W) 
3* Sunday: NY Rangers -115 over San Jose (4-0) (Ez-W)
2* Saturday: Washington -210 over Florida (1-0) (W) 
3* Friday: Florida -115 over Buffalo (1-0) (W) 

7* Oct 16th: San Jose -115 over NY Islanders (L)
3* Oct 15th: Boston -115 over Detroit (3-2) (W) 
3* Oct 14th: Nashville -175 over Calgary (3-2) (L) 
3* Oct 13th: Ottawa -110 over Florida (1-0) (W) 
2* Oct 12th: NY Rangers -175 over Torotno (6-3) (L)

3* Oct 11th Under 5.5 Buffalo/Chicago (6-2) (L)
3* Oct 10th: Islanders -120 over Tampa Bay (5-3) (W) 
3* Oct 9th: Under 5.5 Florida vs. Tampa Bay (3-2) (W) 

2014: 7* NHL Future Video on Washington Capitals (Updated on Season Records pending selection)

2012 NHL Playoffs Sheet: (Record, 22-11, 66% for +4000 Playoffs!) NHL: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2012-nhl-ic-playoffs.pdf

2012 NHL Season: (Winning Season): NHL: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2012-nhl-ic.pdf

24-15 on the season and 20-10 run after we fall short with the Over on the Flyers game.  We look to pick up a winner on the docket tonight in what has been a good winning season for us.  We are also keeping up with our 8* Future on Washington (above) as well and look to post a strong winning season. Same models as Baseball which we had a winning season (+4000 roughly) spreadsheets below.  Given the success we had in Baseball we are having similar success in Hockey on the money-line sport.  Let's look to keep rolling. 


6* MNF: Titans/Steelers Over (27-24) (W) - Losing Overall Weekend However

3-1 with NFL Total Step-Outs

6-3 with NFL Top Plays 

Week 11: Over 50 Bengals/New Orleans (L) 

Week 10: Baltimore -9.5 over Tennessee (W) 
Week 9: Ravens -1 over Steelers (L)

Week 8: Over 50 Bears/Patriots (51-23) (Ez-W) (24pt. Diff)
Week 7 NFL: Loins -2.5 over Saints (24-23) (L)

Week 6 NFL: 8* Under 51 Eagles/Giants (27-0) (Ez-W) (24pt. Diff) 
Week 5 NFL: 8* Giants -4 over Falcons (30-20 (Ez-W) 
Week 4 NFL: 5* Niners -4.5 over Eagles (26-21) (W) 
Week 3 NFL: 4* Seahawks -4.5 over Broncos (W) 

8* NFL Future on Pittsburgh Steelers Over 8.5 Wins (7-4 Currently) 

8* Future Video: 

Post Here 

Goal: +6000 & 58%-62% (Winning 6 Straight Sports, and Football will make it 7 Straight!) 

Decent winner on the 6* Over on the Titans game.  Absolute dud of a weekend overall however and we look to bounce-back but we will use the MNF winner as a catalyst.  We can do a lot better and our IC-7 will look to produce much better results as it can't get much worse from this week and we will.  We will lhave our research up early and look to have a much stronger football card this week per the IC-7 Card.

The BEST Basketball Odds Service in America! 

2013 NBA CBB + WNBA (201-146, 58%) = +20,820!

2013 NBA: (94-62, 60%, +12890) - documented spreadsheet-  http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2013-nba-ic.pdf 

2013 College Ball: 62-45 (58%) for +4420 - documented spreadsheet - http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2013-cbb-ic.pdf

2013 WNBA: 45-39 (54%), +3510 



11-4 with 6* Soccer Selections dating back to last year 

11-5 Lifetime with 6* Soccer Selections!  (2-0 Win last Weekend with Lille over Nantes!)

2 of 3 top play winners on the Pitch as we look to have a quality week this upcoming week and get the same mojo that allowed us to have a very successful season last yearv (+3500) and a winning world cup (+1188).  Early in the soccer season and we're looking forward to have a successful upcmoing week.  


Winning 2013 Season! (+3924) Congrats!

Baseball 2013 Season Results: 107-83 (56.3%) for +3924 - Documented Spreadsheet - See you next Season!   http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2014-mlb-ic-pdf.pdf

Recap Video: Post Here 

3-0 with Baseball 8-Unit Playoff Selections! 

8* October 28th: Over 7 San Francisco vs. KC Royals (10-0) (Hits Early!) (Ez-W)
8* October 21st: Over 6.5 San Francisco vs. KC Royals (7-1) (Hits in 7th Inning) (Ez-W)
8* October 10th: Over KC vs. Baltimore (8-7) (Hits in 5th Inning) (Ez-W)

May: 22-10 (69%) for +4149 (#1 Month in America)

Fantastic way to wrap up the season on a positive note as we win yet another 8-Unit selection in the playoffs and end the season 107-83 (56.3%) for +3924.  Let's look forward to a great year next year as we look to have back to back successful baseball seasons!     


Winning 2013 Season! (+3510) 

2013 Overall: 45-39 (54%) for +3510 

2014 Goal: 56% and +5000

Documented Spreadsheets To come: 

Recap Video: Post Here 

Great year for us in the WNBA for a solid ROI as we predicted a solid year of Women's Basketabll. We have consistently done well in the WNBA over the years and we look to make it back to back winning WNBA years this upcoming season.  Our Goal for 2014 is going to be a bit more ambitious as we seek 56% and +5000 on the Season. 

2013/2014: Best year of Odds in our Career!

8 WINNING SPORTS! (#1 in America in 3 Avenues!) 

2014 NBA: 14-7 (66%) for +2440! 

2013 NBA: 94-62 (60%) for +12,890 (#1 in America) [3 of 4 Winnning Seasons]

2013 College Ball: 62-45 (58%) for +4420 [4 of 5 Winning Seasons, +9950]

2014 WNBA: +3510 (45-39, 54%, Winning Season)

2013 NBA/CBB: +17,310 (156-107, 59%) (#1 Combined both sports)

2013 NBA/CBB/WNBA: +20,820 (#1 Combined 3 sports)

2014 Baseball: +3924 (107-83, 56.3% Overall, Winning Season)

2013 Soccer: Winning Euro Season: +3500

2014 World Cup: +1188





3* NBA: TO COME: 6-2 Run, 14-9 on Season, +1340, BEST NBA SEASON IN AMERICA IN 2013, 94-62 (60%) FOR +12,890) 

3* COLLEGE BALL: TO COME (FRIDAY @ 5PM EST) (2-0 with 7* College Ball Step-Outs, CBB/NBA IN AMERICA IN 2013, 156-107, 59% for +17,310)

3* HOCKEY: EDMONTON VS. NEW JERSEY (9:35PM)  (3-1 RUN, Season: 26-15 (63%)! Minnesota Yesterday, Washington Day Before!) 








 Previous Analysis:

7-Unit Play. #723. Take VCU -7.5 over Tennessee (Friday @ 6:30pm est) (85-69) (Ez-W) 

Shaka Smart is always aware when his team faces quality squads in order to show the prowess of his small conference school. Though this school is ranked 16th to start the seaosn make no bones about it every chance this team gets to take down a major conference school they take up the opportunity. It does not matter if Tennessee is not returning its starting to coach or the fact they do not return any of the major players from last year's strong NCAA run. The fact that Tennesee is and the Orange is on the floor itself will get VCU up for this game. VCU returns a lot of talent and we have had this game spotted for some time as Coach Smart is uniquely aware of every major conference team his team hast lost to and when he was coach of this team a few years ago they went 28-12 in a very good year losing to Butler after winning 5 straight contests that year in the NCAA Tournament. One of the teams they lost to earlier that year was indeed Tennessee by a score of 77-72. With that in mind, returning a slew of players and the talent on this team is sound, look for Smart and his guys to be well prepared for this game as Tennessee is in a bit of disarray since the departure of their coach and quite a bit of talent. The public is also split on this contest because they remember the Tennessee of last year but this is not the same Tennessee, same coaching staff or same set of players that led them to their strong season last year. VCU is hungry this year, and the opportunity to kick things off right in a big way, is a great opportunity for them to do well right out of the gate this early evening. Coach Smart will likely have his players well prepared as the Tennessee offense will take some time to gel whereas VCU will likely roll from start to finish here per our models. 

7-Unit Play. #724. Take Portland Trailblazers -8.5 over Oklahoma City (106-89) (We called 15-16 point win below, it was a 17 point differential) (Winner)

This is a small public fade but we love to take NBA teams that have a great deal of motivation as this is a league that relies on motivation. This is why you see the ebbs and flow of a league that is constantly in action, teams that dominate, then get trucked the next day and teams that get slaughtered the day before that will show up the next day to a team that is not as motivated as much. You would think guys that get paid this much money would be motivated each and everyday but that's just not the case in the NBA unless of course you run an organization like the Spurs or Clippers becuase of their two respective coaches who we have a great deal of respect for. Per this game, OKC of course is without Durant and if you looked at their preseason games they were dismal without him. Preseason is of course pre-season but it can tell you a great deal about a team. This is a team that lost to New Orleans by 24 points, Toronto by 19 points, Minnesota by 18 points and Utah by 14 points. Note that Utah is outside the top 25 in our power rankings. Do you really think that Portland cares that OKC is without Kevin Durant? Of course not. This team lost the last two times they played against OKC and are more than motivated to take it to Westbrook, Ibaka and everyone else on this team with Durant on the bench. The Thunder have no sync in their offense as Russell gets his own and his shots but there is on cohesiveness. Combine that with the Blazers being motivated from losing terribly to the Spurs in their last game, with that strong motivation, with revenge against OKC, with a decent public fade and given the preseason results of late, don't be surprised here to see Portland get off to a strong start in the highly competitive west as each and every game will decide seeding and the fact if a team will even make it to the playoffs. We like Portland by double-digits here as we see a 15-16 point differential this evening.

8-Unit Play. #276. Take Under 51 NY Giants vs. Philadelphia (27-0) (24 pt. Differential) (Ez-Winner) 

This is a fantastic public fade on a Sunday Night game which is part of the reason why we are stepping out here. The latest consensus poll had this over about 80% but the fact is that these two teams are more defensive minded than people would like to give them credit for. The last time these two teams met, if you remember we stepped out last year on the Total in this game for a 5-unit play on an Under of 49 points and the final score was 15-7 in Giant Stadium on a total of 49 points. Now, the total sits at 51 in a similar type of game. Both these teams have gotten their act together as you see a 3-2 Giant team on the road at Philadelphia. These are the games the Giants thrive on. The last time on primetime they demolished Washington 45-14 Outright. Then they scored 30 points on Atlanta's defense at home. But, Philly's defense is much better than folks give them credit. Throw out the Rams game where they gave up more than 30 points. They were probably looking ahead to this game and its hard to get up for the Rams. But, against elite teams with strong prep, they gave up 26 points to San Fran on the road. This Giant defense also gave up 17 points to Houston at home and 25 points to Arizona in which they were skewered for that loss. Notice, the line in this game is just 2.5 indicating that they are expecting a strong performance from the Giants on the road here. The Giants coaching staff will pride itself on keeping Kelly's offense in check for the most part and will likely challenge Foles to beat them in the air which their cornerbacks will thrive on. Note the Under is 9-2 for the Giants when facing teams on the road with a winning home record. The Under is also 6-2 for the Eagles after allowing 250 yards in their previous game in passing yards and the Under is 4-0 in Philadelphia as well to boot. Look for this contest to be a 24-21 type of final as it lands in the mid 40's rather than the low 50's in which it is set per our models.

3-Unit Play. #125. Take Over 53.5 Florida State vs. Syracuse (38-20) (Winner) 

I know it's hard to believe and sometimes you have to hold your nose with our system of fading the public. But that is our mantra as that is one of our basic principles which has worked wonders in Basketball (#1 in NBA, 94-60, +12,800) (65-45, +4400 in College Ball) (#1 in the Country in NBA/CBB at +17,300) (#1 in Country in NBA/CBB/WNBA for +20,300) - this includes being #1 in College Ball in 2011 going 80-50 for +8400. FSU is 1-4 ATS in their last 5 games with their first ATS win coming against Wake Forrest at home. Note that the Seminoles remember their poor road performance against NC State which nearly cost them the #1 ranking as they were down early and often. Though they did bounce-back somewhat against Wake, they will want to show their caliber on the road here against Syracuse. This team beat Syracuse 59-3 last year and its time for Syracuse to return the favor a bit. Note that FSU has Notre Dame on the docket next week as well so might not be as in tune on the defensive end. Plus, Syracuse is likely to be a solid active underdog here regardless of the fact their quarterback is out and a new one takes place here. Not much is expected of 'Cuse in this contest but we expect them to be a solid underdog and likely fall within the 24 points but more importantly, give FSU a decent game here surprisingly. Syracuse gave up 28 points to a Louisville team that is not stout on offense, then gave up 31 and 34 to Notre Dame and Maryland. Now they face a potent FSU offense, who is looking to play better on the road than the NC State game and likely to be an active underdog to boot as we have always felt when a star player goes out a game is likely to go over the posted total regardless of the sport (especially in Basketball). The Over is 4-0 for the Seminoles following a straight up win of 20 points and the Over is 7-1 for the Orange aftera ccumulating less than a 100 yards of rushing in their previous game, look for the Orange to have nothing to lose here and push FSU at home but FSU eventually winning, but more importantly, this contest has the likelihood of going to a 42-20 type of contest as this goes over today per our models.

3-Unit Play. #61. Take Under 5.5 Goals Florida vs. Tampa Bay (Thursday @ 7:35pm est) (3-2) (Winner) 

We of course love to fade the public and its a hallmark of what we do in every sport that we do. This is why new Casinos keep getting built every year of course because the common Joe loses by taking square plays on a regular basis. Hence, when the Joe loses, the Casino wins. If you take a look at this contest, you will see Tampa Bay as a heavy favorite and the public like Tampa Bay to a tune of 75% or even better here. These two teams have a strong history and rivalry and normally they plaly the over. But, a couple different factors which likely makes for a copmetitive game similar to the Philadelphia vs. Boston game yesterday where Boston was a heavy favorite and the final score was 2-1. Luongo has a full training camp underneath his belt this year and knows the system much more than year's past prior to being traded. So expect the 2.46 GAA to go down. Bishop is back from injury in which he was hurt prior to the playoffs and had posted a 2.23 GAA and including 5 shutouts. We don't expect the Lightning to blowout Florida here but rather Florida to be a solid dog and give them all they can handle here in what should be a tight low scoring affair with plenty of energy. We look for a 3-1 or 3-2 contest here this evening per our models.


Indian Cowboy's BIO

One of the Most Popular and Successful Oddsmakers in America.

Calculus Math Models + Motivated Teams + Detailed Write-ups + Famous Daily Video Research and Predictions. (Team of 3 Statisticians)


IC's Predictions, Stats and Write-ups have been used by Companies and Websites featured on:


Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur.com 

Biggest names in Television, Broadcasting, Journalism, Multiple Media Outlets and yes, the Common Joe, subscribe to our Models. Goal is to provide Accurate Sporting Predictions based on our Math Models which take into account Statistical Regression (team let downs), Bounce-Backs and Metric Systems. (Examples on bottom of page)

Intro Video:
How Indian Cowboy Odds was Started, Metric and Calculus Philosophy and Reason for its Popularity:

What Makes us Unique:

Popular Daily Videos:

(Over 1600 Videos, 700,000 Views). Pure Competitive joy of Using Calculus and Stats to Predict Sporting Events.  SUBSCRIBE TO DAILY COMPLIMENTARY SELECTION VIDEOS! (60% Comp Selections for 2 Years!)

Extensive and Diverse Oddsmaking Background:

Only Oddsmaker in America to Rise through Ranks and Work for all 3 Major Sports Prediction Services. Now working for the Top Odds service in Docs.  Stellar 15 Years of Oddsmaking Winning Predictions Experience via Math Models.  Sold and Developed Major websites and developed modeling theories including the famous IC Active/Dog Over Theory (Active Dog Video to come).
"Active Dog/Over Theory"

1 Play of the Day (POD) Approach:  
We are famous for our 1 Play of the Day (POD) Approach.  We keep things simple.  We put our best, top selection, based on our stats and models with the best write-up we can for clients.  Year in and Year out, this is what has led to our success.  There are various ways to high levels of winning percentage.  For us, it is all about Quality.  Our goal each year is to go 60% in each of the 8 sports that we do.  The simplicity and power of 4-3 (57%) cannot be overstated as we try to aim between 57% and 62% each season.

Indian Cowboy is one of the best Statisticians and Mathematicians in the Country.  He has experience in various fields with his models and has been Oddsmaking for over 15 years and is one of the most popular Oddsmakers in the country.  His Daily Youtube video is one of the most Subscribed to and watched with over 700,000 accumulated views.  IC is known for his spreadsheet models to predict sporting events and seeks to hit 60% in each of the 8 sports for whom they provide predictions for.  After working with some of the best Oddsmakers in the country and owning multiple sites, we have found our final home here at Doc Sports. IC has been #1 in the country for various sports (spreadsheets below) in various seasons during his Oddsmaking career (including most recently the NBA, 94-62 (62%) for +12,850. Clients love the 1 POD steady approach of putting out the very best selections in each sport based on the models. Coach Bryant once said about recruiting in the Junction Boys, "It's about getting a good crop, if you get a good crop, you've won the season before it started".  The Video Research is the crop.  Depending on the sport, we focus on specific conferences.  We choose one top play in each sport and put our best odds towards our 1 best selection per day. Essentially we are a firm believer in slow and steady wins the race with our Research and math models.

Combination Discounted Packages of All Predictions: Contact Wade @ 1-866-238-66961-866-238-6696.  Be sure to ask about Docs 100% Guarantee for Predictions as well. Thanks for visiting the Site and as we Crimson Tide fans are fond of saying, "ROLL TIDE!"

Long Term Results/Sheets:

* #1 in America last Year: 2013-2014. (95-62, [64%] for +12,850.  Remarkable and Amazing Season.  Contact Docs for Spreadsheet. We will post it when the season nears.
* Winning 3 of 4 Years in NBA

NBA: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2013-nba-ic-dec.pdf (best december in America, 14-6, 70%)

NBA: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2013-nba-ic-gweek-1.pdf

NBA: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2012-nba-ic-gweeks.pdf

NBA: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2012-nba-ic-playoffs.pdf

College Ball:

2013 Season: 62-45 (58%) for +4420

Winning 4 of 5 Seasons: 

*#1 College Basketball Season in 2011: (81-55, 60%, +8400) - Winning Every month of Season (5 straight): - Link to one of the greatest basketball seasons doing 1 POD system:


* Winning 4 of 5 Seasons (+11,890) 

*Going 18-2 (90%) (+6320) using 1 POD system:


College Ball: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2011-cbb-ic.pdf

College Ball: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2010-cbb-ic.pdf

College Ball: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2009-cbb-ic.pdf


SEC: 5-1 this Year Alone 

2011 Season:  Football: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2011-fb-ic.pdf

2010 Season: Football: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2010-fb-ic.pdf


* 2013: Winning Season! (+4150) (11-4 with 6-unit selections or Higher)

* #1 Season in Country in 2011-2012: (+4900)

Longest win Streak with 1 POD System:

22 wins in a row Documented Fall of 2007

WNBA: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2009-wnba-ic.pdf


2014 Season: 107-83 (56.3%) for +3924   http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2014-mlb-ic-pdf.pdf 

AL System: 27-18 (60%)

Record May: 22-10 (69%) for +4149 

2010 Season: Baseball: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2010-mlb-ic.pdf

2009 Season: Baseball: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2009-mlb-ic.pdf


2013: 18-11 (62%) to close out last Season: 

#1 in Playoffs in 2012: 22-12-1 (66%) for +4000

NHL: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2012-nhl-ic-playoffs.pdf

NHL: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2012-nhl-ic.pdf

Golden Weeks: 

"Golden Weeks": Golden Weeks: 29 and Counting. When we hit 7 in a Row in any Given Sport.  Unique to our 1 POD System.  We love Golden Weeks!  Most Recent: (January 14-January 21st, College Basketball).  Spreadsheet Attached.

CBB: http://www.docsports.com/pdf/2013-cbb-ic-jan.pdf (Record January CBB 21-9, 68%, +5160 - Includes Golden Week, 8 Winners in a Row)




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