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Jason Sharpe

Page Updated December 10, 2016 @ 12:28 PM CST
Jason Sharpe

Member Notes

Had an amazing 60%+ overall CFB win rate this year on nearly 100 plays overall. Get on board for the rest of the FB year as I've made a profit EACH of the last 4 years in the CFB bowls. $249 gets you every football play thru the Super Bowl. I've also never had a losing season in NFL from Thanksgiving thru end of the pro football regular season.

Beating BOTH NFL and College Football

$100 a unit bettors already up over $3,000+ in football

4 straight winning CFB bowl seasons

Lots of winning gridiron action still left this year

NEVER had a losing NFL stretch from T'giving to end reg ssn


Amazing 79-54 record overall in all football plays this year

NEVER had losing stretch from T'givng week- end reg NFL ssn

4 for 4 last 4 CFB bowl seasons- $249 rest of FB ssn

My best CFB season of all-time currently


NBA Basketball

BIG 6u NBA Total of the Month Saturday night!!!

65%+ winners this year NBA totals plays

Ahead to start this year in pro hoops action


College BB

New strategy= betting only areas I've beaten in past

52-32 L5 yrs in games w/ teams from OVC, Big Sky and Southern

25 of 35 winning Saturday's in CBB L2Y= lots of Saturday action

Plus other added winning strategies- going be a big year in CBB!!!



Strong start to this year on the ice overall

Perfect 2 for 2 lifetime in winning NHL seasons

9 of 10 winning years betting money-line sport

$8,000+ in profits the 1st 2 months of the season L2Y


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Jason Sharpe's BIO

Jason Sharpe

Working hard 365 days a year to be a winner

Hard work and extreme passion to be the very best, those are the words that best describe how Jason Sharpe approaches his life as a full time professional sports bettor.

Jason made the big move out to Las Vegas to bet on sports full-time back in 2008. Since that time he's taken his handicapping levels to their greatest heights. He puts forth the 100% commitment that's needed every day to stay ahead of the always evolving sports betting market. It's that type of work ethic that makes Sharpe one of only a few year-round professional sports bettors.

One must eat, sleep and breathe this lifestyle if they want to be one of the small percentage that succeed at it. That's the exact approach that Jason takes to his only occupation. It's a minimum 12 hour a day, 7 day a week job and one that he truly loves also. He works that hard because he knows that you must stay one step ahead of the other competition to maintain an edge. In fact he handicaps the entire betting card a whole day in advance by looking at all of tomorrow's games today. It's that type of organization, dedication, passion and paying attention to details that's needed for someone to be successful in life and also with betting on sports.

Team up with professional sports bettor

Here's your chance to bet exact same plays of LV pro bettor

Ahead of betting market w/ heavy use of analytics in all sports

No one wins at the start of a new sport season like Jason Sharpe

Showed 100% commitment to be very best by moving to LV

Pouring over all of the latest advanced statistics, breaking down the match-ups, making power ratings and researching everything he can find on each game, that's the kind of information that's needed. With years of winning now under his belt Sharpe knows exactly what to look for in each sport he bets. He knows you can't win by just making a point spread on a game, if that were than a computer math model could win at this long-term. Instead he takes things a step further and that's what he feels pushes him past the others in the handicapping world. By following the daily ebb and flow of every sport that he handicaps he tries to get an exact feel for what a team will do in that particular game that he is looking at. The question he's constantly asking himself is " How will this team play on this day?" He is looking for a peak performance, flat efforts, etc...That's not like most handicappers as most are only concerned about how good a team looks based off their seasonal statistics. That method no longer works in today's sports betting market. You must do a lot more than that to be a winner these days.

Follow Jason Sharpe and win money betting on sports

Jason uses all of his resources as he's in constant communication with other full time sports bettors. He's developed numerous relationships with some of the biggest and most respected bettors in the sports betting industry and is constantly trading opinions and sharing information with many of the very best handicappers around.

This past year was Jason's seventh full year in the sports advisory business and he's been a major success so far. Sharpe's racked up 6 winning baseball seasons out of 7 years overall in MLB, produced steady and consistent profits in college football for the past 4 years combined. This past NFL regular season was his best of all-time as he finished at the elusive 60% win rate over an entire pro football year. No one's been better when it comes to finding big play winners as his highest rated 7/8 unit football selections the last 2 years have won at a nearly 70% level overall. To top it off the NHL is the newest sport that he's released to the public and it's became the one he's made his most profits on the past two years overall. It could be a big Monday Night NFL game or one as small as a MAC conference basketball contest. At the end of the day Jason Sharpe knows that the money you win on any game all spends the exact same way.

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