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How to Bet Boxing
by Jeremy "Fasttalker" Bjornberg

Betting on boxing is definitely an underrated play. But not everybody knows how to bet boxing.

Thirty years ago gambling on boxing was bigger than the NFL and NCAA basketball combined. Mobster influence and possible thrown fights scared off network TV and boxing as well as gambling has suffered greatly.

However, over the last 20 years boxing has done a great job of cleaning itself up despite Bob Arum and Don King still racking up the occasional disputable decision. The truth is, in boxing you are relying on basically one man, rather than a team of guys, such as in football. If the correct analysis and expertise is applied, it can be very profitable and consistently pay.

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Many factors come into play when analyzing a fight, but basic principles are: size, punching power, age, quality of opposition, winning/losing streak and similar opponents. Many other factors are used at Doc's, so make sure to check on our picks, Doc's has currently won 7 of our last 8 fights. Watching lots of boxing footage and reading all available material has been my best education tool. To explain how to bet boxing I am going to reference a classic Ali vs. Frazier fight. The odds were made up, nothing accurate.

Muhammad Ali to win -152
Joe Frazier to win +110
Draw +1700
Over/Under on rounds, 10.5 rounds
Pick each fighter individually to win by knockout:
Ali by KO or stoppage +240
Frazier by KO or stoppage +270

If you are wagering on Ali to win, Ali would have to win by any means, and you would have to bet $152 to win $100.

If you are wagering on Frazier to win, Frazier would have to win by any means, and you would win $110 for every $100 you wagered.

If you wanted to bet the over/under on rounds, you are betting the fight will be or won't be stopped before a certain point. If you bet it would go 10.5 rounds, the fight would have to complete a full 10 rounds, plus one minute 30 seconds of the 11th round.

Betting on a draw is only a good idea if you feel 2 boxers are really equal, but that is a tough science to call. The fight must end in a draw or a technical draw, you would win $1700 for every $100 wagered.

If you pick Ali by KO or stoppage, the fight must be stopped in Ali's favor at any point, you win $240 per $100 wagered for Ali.

The same applies to Frazier, $270 for every $100 wagered on Frazier.

If you are picking a fighter to win by knockout by a certain round, the fight must be stopped before the round you pick ends. If any fighter fails to answer the bell, the fight will be judged to finish on the previous round.

For Doc's expert analysis of this and all other major fights, check all of their 100 percent guaranteed boxing picks.

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