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Handicapper Reviews and Customer Comments

Ever since Doc's Sports Service opened for business back in 1971 our handicapper reviews have been some of the best in the industry. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond when it comes to customer service and always deliver on our unmatched industry guarantee. Below are handicapper reviews and customer comments made by some of the 1000s of members we have, with more being added each week. Please send your comments to service@docsports.com Your full name will be only used if we have your permission otherwise we will only list your first name or initials.

Also be sure to read these 5 pages for more information about our service and what makes us different from the rest. Questions? Call 1-866-238-6696.

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Handicapper Reviews and Customer Comments

Thanks Wade, i hope you and all the guys have a good one also, thanks to you all, i am way up for the year, my bookie keeps trying to pay me off but i just keep winning, first time i have ever beat my book in the last 10 years, gona cash out and have a great x-mas , Thanks again, Randy

(Your account was extended per the guarantee) Thanks Wade. This is why you guys really are the best and most trusted out there. Enjoy your holiday season! T.O.


Just a quick note to thank you and all the people at Doc's for the great work. I have had a super 30 days using the $30.00 weekly picks on college and pro football. I only play the 7-8 unit picks. So far, I am 9 of 10 (those #*@% Ducks) on the 7-8 unit picks the past 4 weeks. That is a HUGE accomplishment from any handicap group. I will continue to use these picks and hope to continue to increase my bankroll.
Thanks again!!!



Thank you for the note.  And thank you for bringing my attention to Strike Points.  They went 5-1 in my first week on board! 

I know it is a long season and they will have good weeks and bad weeks.  But, I really respect the fact that Doc’s Service and you bring good things to my attention.  So many times people sell for the sake of selling and getting a quick pay day.  But, Doc’s has only highlighted a service when you feel strongly that I will directly benefit from this decision.  It is this concept that will continue to build trust in your organization and has led me to become a long-term client. I have tremendous respect for how you run your organization.

Thanks for the tip to join SPS as my 3rd handicapper for football.  Much appreciated.


Thank you for the prompt response. I'm impressed by the customer service so far. Went ahead and used my other free $30 on Doc's 7-Unit MLB for tomorrow. Really like the tier system. I do believe insofar as I use this type of service I will become a regular customer. Not sure if you folks care about feedback, but you have provided more than expected yjus far and I will be referring you around the neighborhood and to my Fantasy Football et al. communities (both Daily and Seasonal). Thanks - now get me a winner tomorrow!

T Justin from the Sunny Confines of SE FL

I always enjoy reading Alan Matthews golf pick article prior to entering my own selection in our office pool. Deadline for entry is 5:00 PM Wednesday so the organizer can get the list out to all the league members in advance of the Thursday morning early tee times. I hope Alan is OK. The pick still isn't there‎ and the tournament is underway (the PGA Championship) Hopefully the pick can return to its normal Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning release going forward. Thanks for providing the free yet informative service.


Hey Wade, Here's a story you may like about the old days with your dads newsletter. One season your dad was so hot our mailman would make a special trip to my house on newsletter day because I would share your dads picks with him. My dad though we were all going to jail, because the mailman would come around 2pm but on newsletter day be at the house at 9am.

Hi guy.

Just a quick thank you...again...for working with me on a new strategy. Fortuitously,  once i funded my acckunt Allen Eastman had back to back 7 unit plays and they both won. 

Please thank him and the entire team at docs (I know I won't always win like this) but it sure is nice!


Guy and Wade.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a great year. It was my first year on board for full seasons (football and NBA/NCAAB) and I respect the fact that DOC’s backs up the “talk” and website promises with over-the-top service. Really impressive.

I observed all the instructions on your website. Here are just a few examples of some important tips that I followed: i) adhering religiously to the Unit system and ii) practicing sound money management. By following these tips I had a lot of fun while turning a profit. I particularly like the honest feedbacks after the games. If we had a good win...I enjoyed the “victory lap”…if we had a bad loss I respected the honest way that it was addressed and most importantly how you got right back to work to fix it. Without doubt, I am planning to be a long term subscriber to DOC’s.

I can’t thank you enough for the integrity and reliability that are apparent in your service. Please also extend my gratitude to Robert Ferringo team (football and NCAAB) AND Doc’s team (football and NCAAB) for a great year. I am already crafting my strategy for this august. I will be in touch soon to set up 2014/15.

Thank you,

Hey Guys ...

I've got to admit that I was very skeptical of your pre-Final pick of the Spurs but I reasoned that if I paid for your advice I ought to take it ... you have been spot on with the O/U and the side plays ... I commend your for your acumen and thank you for reminding me why I put my trust in you ...


p.s. Wade - great job on the NASCAR picks!

I'd just like to thank you for being an honest service. I'd really like to thank you for employing Indian Cowboy (no offense to the others, I buy their picks too). I've been gambling for 22 years and just can't make my own picks. I always employ services. I've used Brian XXXX, (he's loud when he's hot but vanishes when he's not and has way too many plays), Big XXXX, Larry XXXX (both of whom I respect) but since joining as a member and being able to cherry pick the "Big Play Alert" has been very successful for me and I'll continue doing it. I know, bad streaks can happen and will, but I'll stick with your group as you demonstrate a long term ability to show profits. As I watch the Wizards cover wire it wire off IC's (another) 7 unit easy winner I'm curious how my bookie will pay me this week, again. Thanks!

Aaron E (user XXXX)

Thx guy. I appreciate it and you know I'll keep spending money with you guys. Good service!

Ashley Fisher

Hey Guys:

My heartiest congratulations on your incredible and profitable selections for the regional winners. You were a three pointer in the final seconds from sweeping ... great job!



I just wanted to say thanks for your great service and good deals. I just signed up for the remainder of the college bb season. It's a sport I know very little about so it sure is interesting learning about it this way. I convinced a couple of my friends to sign up and I will try to recruit more.

Lynn K

Thank you so much. You guys really are the best service out there. Always loyal and honest doesn't go unnoticed. I tell a lot of people about DOCS. - R. Bates


Thank you for the complimentary plays by Sharpe and Raphael over the last two days.  They, along with IC, were outstanding.  I made some good bucks using their plays.  You and Doc's have been very fair to me as a season player, and your guarantee's.

Thank you,

John S.

I would like to take this opportunity of complementing you on your service and your team, I did have occasion to have e-mail communication with Guy at 11th hour who came across very well, You Americans do tend to leave us Brits way behind when it comes to Customer Service. Well Done!!

Thank You in Anticipation
Terry (user XXXXX)

My membership for The Prop Machine will expire in two days and I wanted to know if the $500 price per month will remain the same since football is ending and there will only be basketball?

I would like to mention that the service has been great. In the ten years of sports betting there have been only a few services that can consistently see a profit almost every week and The Prop Machine is definitely one of them. Most of the season I have been using both XXX and XXX for the prop bets but unfortunately two weeks ago XXX lowered my football prop bets to $30 bet limits and I was only betting $50 a play. They have not touched my NBA limits as of right now which is important because XXX is one of the only places that I can find the same prop bets for nba. I just wanted to make sure that you know that The Prop Machine is one of the best service I have ever used and would hope that you offer their services next year.


Thanks Guy. I may bust your balls a bit, but you are the only guys that stand by your guarantees 100% of the time. Tim O.

Dear Doc Team,

Reading your post today in Cball, reminds me of how difficult customer service is in your industry. Most of you know that I am in the retail business, and I can empathize with making all customers happy all the time. However, your challenges in customer service pale to mine. Never have I ever seen an industry that consistently receive  negative comments. It appears many people gamble with $ that they should not or assume that a professional wins at a humanly impossible clip. It is always a risk to bet on anything that eats. The only sure thing is to not bet.

Personally, I appreciate your service, your customer service has been beyond reproach and you have always strethed yourself in may myself as a customer happy. Keep up the consistent effort, this customer appreciates all that you do.

strike point sports  thank you on a side note your customer service has been excellent over the past couple of years I have used your site and this is why I continue to use and recommend  doc sports.

Daniel R

First off I just want to say that I absolutely love your service.  Obviously I realized one can not keep up this torrid pace of wins but still, it's a been a pleasure.  My question is more around the number of plays.  I have looked back and there seems to have been more plays in years past and I sort of built my bankroll expecting 2-3 per day on average.   This is by NO means a complaint, just curious if the line value hasn't been there in bulk or if you are attacking this year with a more quality over quantity approach and thus I may adjust my bankroll.  Your thoughts when you can. 

PS.  I am not an action junkie and trust me I'd be fine with one pick per day , this is more of a bankroll question.  Thanks again and keep up the good work!!!


Thank you very much for the quick response. Ya’ll did not have to do that but I greatly appreciate it. I will absolutely continue to use your service, ya’ll were 5 out 6 in the college picks this weekend – very impressive!

I’m very impressed with the legitimacy of your business model and the quality of service you offer. I will be sure to recommend you to others. I'm a business major and good customer support makes all the difference because it has certainly retained me for a while just with a simple but thoughtful gesture.

Have a nice day,
Devin R

Good evening Wade and Guy,

First of all…THANK YOU for allowing me to test out three handicappers for football for a few weeks. I really found this to be helpful. As you may or may not recall I am already paid for NCAAB and NBA. Will you do a similar test for those sports?

I know that I had to make a decision on a handicapper for the rest of the season. At this time I wanted to opt for Doc’s. It was a very hard decision between Doc’s and Robert Ferringo. (I really like his KING system). I really appreciate your customer service throughout this process and I found the assessment of the previous week’s games to be refreshingly honest. Robert’s reviews are especially candid. I love it!

I know you have been in business for 42 years. But I wanted to thank you for your continued quality product and –most importantly- the honest way you conduct your business. Looking forward to being a long term client.

Thank you,
A.C., PhDI

A quick note of acknowledgement to an amazing week in football! Doc 6-0 +26 units and Robert Ferrigno 12-2 +26 units, WOW! I know a week of picks cannot be expected to produce these type of results. Please thank Max and the new Doc team, I am sure this week was an emotional one for them as well.

Hello Wade

I just signed up for Ferringo's Football Package. I would like to add Allen Eastman as the second handicapper. As for the third maybe you have a good suggestion. I am very impressed with your web site. It is very informative, functional and very efficient compared to what I see out there. Wish I hadf found you years ago!!
Will call you Friday to see what else we can do.


Thank you very much. I think this will help me greatly settle in on what's best for me and my style. I love your site, the information you provide and resources you have. Great work. CT.

I'm impressed with your guys customer service as I just joined a bit ago and have really appreciated your looking out for your customers. I'm researching a lot for investing for some picks coming up for NCAA football.

I was wondering if you would be able to extend this offer to the NCAA picks for this year? If so I'd be very interested in purchasing one of your packages.

Please advise.

I am a business owner myself and respect the integrity that you have built into your enterprise. I hope to be a long term client and what I am interested in doing is getting set up with a solid foundation/philosophy that will lead to enjoyment and profits. So once we get this stuff straight, I will not bother you at all!

As always, thank you for your help.


A most impressive site.
DOC'S SPORTS actually does extend a subscription at no cost as specified. Furthermore, my W/L statement was trusted with, apparently, no doubt. Frankly I wasn't 100% sure. Trusting motivates trust! Consider me "closed" (as a term used in sales).
Refreshingly, John M

I am so glad that I recognize I'm an above average technical guy at best. I have my program I play around with but when it comes to making money I stick with Doc's. THANK YOU for the 8 Unit Under! That was a $400 profit for me. Again, you guys are the "go to cappers" if one wants to win on the BIG Unit plays. (I could bet more but stick to my money management principles. ((And my account at 5Dimes is doing better than my 401K over the last 4 years.)) The article regarding money management on Doc's website is must reading for any sports bettor.) DR J.H.


I just wanted to say thanks for a nice finish to the regular season. Today I cashed out with a nice little profit for the past few weeks. I am hopeful for even more good luck in the playoffs.

I appreciate your commitment to customer service and for that you have earned a loyal client. Thank you.

I will play the NBA the rest of the way for the 2012-13 season with you guys and then come back in the fall with NBA and NFL full seasons and maybe a college sport (NCAAB or NCAAF…not sure yet) thrown in for a little variety. There is a lot to choose from on your site, so I will look to you guys for some more honest advise about who I should choose for each sport when the time comes.

Again, thank you for your commitment and allowing me to make a few dollars.

Thank you and good luck,

IC I wanted to let you know that I do a chase system with all your picks. I LOVE the 1 POD system so please stick to it. I do a chase system with it as you rarely lose several in a row in your top sports. You have never lost 7 in a row in any of your top sports since I've been tracking you. Please keep your system as it is unique and many of us do many things with your picks besides just flat wagering. Thanks!


I signed up for another 7 unit with Robert and list again. Can I please get another handicapper for Saturday. I have Docs full time and just looking for big plays from others. Thanks for your help. Also want to give a quick thanks to Wade and Guy as they are the reason I continue to use this service over others as their customer service is Amazing!!$$. Thanks for your help.

Thanks Wade,

I appreciate the credibility that Doc’s Sports represents.

Also, thanks for the (free) Allen Eastman addition…If this is good I’ll certainly give you a call.



The customer service and understanding you give to your clients is fantastic. I can understand why you are the best sports handicappers host.

Thank you for making the NFL and the NBA season a great time

Have a great weekend
Martin B

Wow you guys are amazing. I fell victim to one of those 1800 number and they don't care when they lose. You guys really are the best capers. You are gonna have my business for a while.  G.G.

Good Morning Doc(s):

Last night I purchased your one day College Basketball Package because I wanted to evaluate your service. You also advertised an 8 unit play for last night. Never did I imagine that you would go 4 for 4 with WINNERS including your 8 unit pick. Your results have made it impossible for me to not include Doc's Sports as an ongoing addition to my wagering strategy moving forward!!! There is nothing better than waking up early the next morning and checking your results to find ALL WINNERS by following your advice last night. The best part about it is that you not only produced a great return but you and your staff kept your word and even though I don't have any history of being a long term client, you still creatively worked with me to prove the value of your service!!!

Thank You Doc(s)!! Although I have to be honest that your fees are going to add up for me because I do not plan to look at playing any basketball or football games anymore without including your advice!!!

I really appreciate your effort and insight and keep up the fantastic service Doc(s)!!!

Thanks again!! (from a very impressed new customer)

John P

Everyone at Docs,

Well, I must say I am really impressed..Extending My service because of 1 bad weekend...Not only good, but HONEST and stands behind their comittment of winning...Finally, a Sports Service that is Customer oriented....I know this weekend, at least in the NFL PlayOffs, will be a very profitable one..Thanks Doc, for being as reputable as you claim to be...word of mouth goes a long way and I will surely be selling your service to my friends and family...Thanks everyone... Joe Mc....

To all you complaining whiners - Doc's service is the best and most trusted in industry.  I have been with him for over 25 years, and if you play his games with his money management system, you will have much fun and most likely make some cash.

I respect them as they always say, "no game is lock, and any game can win or lose".  Other services will tell you that BS and if you play you know that is just marketing.

Doc"s is the best and far and away the most honest service in the industry.

A loyal customer.

read your comment at the top of the pick page. For whatever, it is worth, I find your group to be very ethical. In the 4 + years that I have used your services, you guys go out of your way to make it right. +45u is a fantastic start. You have always gone above and beyond.

All the best, P.P.

Thank you verry much for the rapid response. Your business truly is the best service availible. Now a life long customer.

Daniel M....

Thank you so much. Doc's is unbelievable. I never heard of this before. My service extended free  because my bought package lost money for me without one question asked and no hassles.

You are the best.

Mr. Wade,

Hello, this is Michael JXXXX again,

I was checking your handicappers out

And first of all I would like to give you my opinion about your site, and your handicappers.

First I would like to congratulate you on running and excellent site. Your customer service far exceeds those of your competition, it's friendly, quick to respond, and resolved my problems and concerns excellently. Your handicappers post their picks on time every time. And you offer a variety of sports and handicapper from which to chose from. Great service over all.

Secondly I would like to comment on your handicapper. First I would like to begin with Mr Allen Eastman, and you were right I like his style of handicapping, even though he missed his big game of the year with the sox, he had a good performance , calling 1 out of 2 picks the three days, resulting in 2 profitable day and a loser one, even thou the loser one was a big one losing the 7 unit play behind the sox, I respect his pick ( I liked the sox on that game also) I don't think it was a bad pick on his part, but rather a poor game from the sox.

So there you have it Mr Wade, I like your site and your services, I like the way you guys do buisness and for the most part I have liked your handicapper docsports and Allen Eastman.

Thank you for your time.

Michael JXXXX

Just a short note to give a HUGE THANKS to Jason Sharpe last night on his MLB Game of the Year between the Miami Marlins and the Boston Red Sox. He was right on with his Red Sox pick and they hammered the Marlins 15 – 5.

Then to top off the night DOCS PICKS hit all three (3) of their MLB picks netting me over $2500 for one nights work.

Docs has really been honing in on this years MLB and as a first year user I am hooked on your expertise.

I began the season with a buy in for my XXXXXX account of $2,000 and just a couple months into the MLB season I am over $10,000. I use a very detailed STEPPING stone betting system that changes my units up and down depending on my account balance. The more I have in my account the higher my UNIT AMOUNT IS and vice versa for those days that produce losses.

Money management and EXPERT ADVICE from Docs is truly a solid way to offset your income and build equity in CASH.

I am a believer.







Just wanted to give my feedback.

I have been following Indian Cowboys Free you-tube picks and i love his premium free picks :) He is just great and his customer dedication is amazing. You can clearly see he cares about his clients.

Recently I was stupid enough to sign up for a day with XXXX XXXXXX SB for a day and they advertised if I don't hit my 2-0 i would receive 10 days free of premium service.

Well I didn't hit it and all they do is call me to sign up for their service LOL....its pathetic.

So again, kudos to Docsports for having such great service and as soon as I get my bankroll up I will sign up for some services.


Thanks again for the continued extension. Still down -7 units with Indian Cowboy. I'm hoping the weekend will bring me back to even. You guys are the best service that I've seen out there. You stand behind your gaurantee when others try to run from theirs. Thanks again. Have a good day.

Best regards,

I only use Doc's because I feel that this is the only site that is genuine , and I always have done well with you guys . I feel that I am dealing with an old school site with that corner store feel if you get what I'm saying . I've been using Doc's for 5 or 6 years with daily picks usually . I know I can call and talk to Wade without pressure if I need to . Big ups to all the cappers .


Your service is great it has it's ups and downs. However when the picks go bad u guys never hesitate to compensate your customers. I probably spent well over $1,000 on XXXXXX.com but they don't do nearly as much as you guys do. I have taken my business with doc sports and I wish I did since the beginning. Great job guys!!

My experiences with Doc sports have always been pleasant!

A few years back before a trip to Vegas I purchased the weekend package, this resulted in a fantastic sports betting weekend for me, one of the few times I have left Las Vegas in the black! haha!

Even their free picks via email are usually successful, I really enjoy their input on games, its nice seeing what their handicappers have to say regarding a certain side.


That is great. You guys truly are awesome when it comes to customer service. I am so glad I have found you guys to play with. It has been a real pleasure, except for the occasional losing. But we cant win everyday as much as we wish we could.

Thanks again


Dear Docs- I certainly haven't 'paid for them all, but I have 'HEARD' them all...!!
That being said, you guys are, BYE FAR, the 'classiest' group around. No 'flash and dash', gold-chain-wearing
losers that another time or a different 'place' ...???

Keep up the good work.....!!!



Thank you so much! (for the guaranteed extention) You guys have been doing great and by far have the best service in the business. I have been screwed bad by many services, but you guys are top notch!


I like to thank you guys for a Awsome service that you provide. When I purchased a pick and the pick lost the next day was free. But not only the next day was free. They gave me picks until I won back the units I lost. What other service does that ! I like to feel that security from a handicaper and know your there until the end. Thank you

Frank N.

Just a general questions: Is there a blog site or some place I can go to give docsports.com a commendation? I have been a part of a few different handicapping sites and this is, by far, my favorite.

The customer service is outstanding, to say the least. The picks have been up and down, but I am COMPLETELY satisfied with the overall service in general.

Kudos to the entire docsports.com team.


Hello. I just wanted you to know that I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Ferringo over the weekend. He is a good friend of a cousin-in-law of mine and we spent time having fun over Superbowl weekend. We had plenty of opportunities to chat about the wonderful world of sports and I really liked what Robert had to say. I consider myself a definite cut above the average betting public, so it was nice because Robert seems like a knowledgeable and intelligent capper. He seems like he's in it for the right reasons and he had a no-nonsense approach, which I appreciate.

I hope you don't mind that I touch base with you, but Robert mentioned that I could be given free access to some member picks once I sign up. I simply wanted to touch base and see what the best and quickest way to do that would be. For what it's worth, I have already passed around a few of his business cards, hoping to spark some serious interest with some of my other friends so I'm hoping this could turn into a long-term thing if the cards fall right.

Please let me know how to proceed and thanks for your time. Thanks.

- Shane W.

I concur, Wade, in that, what is lost in not all business industries these days, but also, in society in general is, the 'honesty' and 'principal' "vibe" of 'being accountable'.

As I get older, I see less and less of the 'small' town' mentality, of which you guys represent; so well.

From the very beginning, you were always very gracious, respectful, honest and professional; that is why I continue...

Thank you.

Hi Wade,

You are good guys; a solid and honest operation.

Very few these days seem to have the 'do the right thing' attitude and behavior, and you guys do.

Thx for your professionalism.


DocSports is by far the leader, and one of the only sports services' I continue to do business with.
Continued Good Luck ..

Steve G

So far your service has been remarkable. I fully appreciate you offering me 2 free days free of charge. I am new and would appreciate it if you guys go ahead and pick the two handicappers for me based on performance. I would like it to be for today and tomorrow if it is possible. I love NBA and CBB so its your call. Thank you and I will utilize your tools offered and hopefully make some money.


Dear Doc's Sports,

I am writing to you to share my experience with you. All of my life, I have been a sports junkie and stats hound. From the time I was a small boy, I would use real life sports statistics to attempt to predict outcomes. I have always felt that analysis of the past can be used to predict the future. I always did this purely for my own enjoyment, and again, for my love of both sports and stats. About five years ago, I decided, at the behest of several close friends, to start using my skills in this area to start "gambling" and selling my picks to others. After some thought, I began tinkering around and creating a variety of spreadsheets and databases. After spending a couple years doing this and making some money using my own picks, I opened a website and attempted to enter the world of professional sports handicappers. I found that while my picks, particularly in MLB, were exceptionally sound and made me money, finding the market to sell these picks and keeping the business up and running was eating up all of my own wagering profits, so I decided to shut it down and focus on simply becoming a professional gambler.

I have been very successful doing this for the better part of the last few years, making a very nice second income, but it always seemed that financial needs would emerge, whether car troubles or medical bills or any number of other factors, that would cause me to have to withdraw funds from my sportsbook accounts just to get by. Last basketball season, I was very successful and made a great deal of money, but I found that I was spending at minimum eight hours every day, and sometimes 12-16 hours a day, analyzing upcoming games, stats, injury reports, player matchups, and any other factors surrounding these games, so while I was making money, my quality of life was compromised. So when this basketball season arrived, I decided, after some careful analysis of the various options for a professional handicapping service such as yours, to give Doc's Sports a try so that I could use a reputable capper's picks and in doing so, free up some of my time so as to enjoy life more. I must say, I have been pleasantly surprised with the results and with the overall quality of your service.

I am currently using your service for College and Pro Basketball. I do not follow, strictly speaking, your method of basing my wagers on the unit value for each game. Instead, I assess what my base unit value will be at the beginning of each week, and then, when your picks have won three of four in a row, I tend to start slightly decreasing my unit value, believing that you can't keep getting them right forever, and then, after a loss, I bring the unit price back to where I started. I follow this same method when you have lost several picks in a row by slightly raising my unit price until you come out of a losing streak. This process has been remarkably successful, but most importantly, your picks have been fantastic.

I still handicap games, largely because I enjoy it, and I still place wagers based on my own handicapping efforts, but in the two months I have been using Doc's Sports, your picks have produced spectacular profits. My sportbook accounts have increased 10-fold in the last two months and 3-fold in the last three weeks, largely from the fantastic picks your service has provided. I could not be happier with your service than I am. My goal of quitting my day job and being a full time professional gambler is within sight. I am writing this to you because I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your services. I would recommend, without hesitation, Doc's Sports to anyone I know who is interested in following my lead and pursuing the life of Sports Wagering as a means to create both income and a retirement investment strategy. Thank you for all you folks do! You are fabulous!

William Z

Just a quick note to thank the Doc team for the generosity that you have extended to myself over these past few years. The comp bball service was a big help in getting me back into the positive. Your service and your willingness to keep your players positive is welcome and refreshing. Hope you are around another 40 years.

All the best,
(user XXXXX)


Thank you for a wonderful week of profit. My weekly package ended on 1-20-2012 (which began on Saturday 1-14-12). I am highly considering renewing my package. In fact I can pretty much guarantee it. However, I was just wondering. When I opened my original account, I did do it in time to receive saturday's (1-14-12) picks, but I could not get them in time (because of when I bought the package and my bookmakers time rules) to place in the bets and lost out on Saturday's winnings. I take all the blame, and by no means apply any blame to Doc's sports. I was just wondering before I renew, which I will have to wait until sunday, if I could receive Saturday's picks complimentary. Doc Sports, by no means owes me this gift, and your picks, personnel and business is without a doubt a "top quality" business that has put money in my pocket ( I am so grateful). I was just wondering if you would consider this request. Whether the answer is "yes" or "no", my hat is off to your professionalism.

Thank you,

Like I have told you before, The customer service level you guys offer is fantastic!!!! If only my mortgage company and utility companies came close :)

Thanks, Warren

Doc, (hopefully this will get passed up the chain)

I wanted to give you my deepest gratitude and appreciation! Your picks have absolutely killed it! However, my greatest appreciation comes from the fact that what I buy is what I get. No used car salesman calling trying to get me to buy 10 years worth of picks! I have used everyone: XXX, XXX, XXXXXXXX.com, and XXXXXXX and by far you and your handicappers have far succeed all of these! Thank you for helping me make plenty if money the last couple of days!


I should thank you, ever since I been using your service I been building back my bankroll. Two weeks ago I was down to my last $500 and now its up to $2500. I lost about $12,000 since the start of football season through bad picks from www.XXXXXXX.com. They promise the world and always want more money and don't deliver. You are so different you extended my service and gave me credit when you lost your picks. I know now that I finally found an honest and great sports capping service. I will stay with your service as long as I keep on betting the games. Thanks again, Lloyd

Hello Doc's

Its good doing business with people who keep their promises and stick by their product.
I'll recommend your service to several of my friends.

Thank you,

Wade!!! Just wanted to say Thank You VERY much for the 30$ Credit in my name!!! That is so incredibly generous of you and I'm very impressed with your Customer Service! Again, Thank You and I send you only good things for your Family and yourself. Peter.

To Indian Cowboy,

Just wanted to pass along a success story in regards to your IC-3 card for the past two weeks (really the entire year) in College football…  Two weeks in a row I anchored my college football parlays with your underdog picks to the tune of $5,200 the 1st week with UCLA & Utah St and this past Saturday I had the biggest Saturday of my betting life making $12,700 with New Mexico State and San Jose State.   They were in both of my $600 parlays and I coupled  them with K-State and Miami (underdogs with a chance to win outright).    This past year is my 1st year with DOC’s and Wade directed me your way when I called in and asked who I should go with for College Football for the year.   Just wanted you to know that your philosophy of picking underdogs who can outright win has changed the entire way I bet.   I also have has some really nice wins picking the Over with the “Active Dog Theory”. Don’t know how much you get to hear from your subscribers but just wanted to let you know this has been by far the most  $$ I have ever made in a season of college football and you are the main  reason why.

Thanks for the help,
L.H.  LaGrange, GA

Thanks Wade. I like doing business with you guys. You know how to treat your customers.   A Fisher

Nice hit at the ponies! (Breeders Cup) I thought I would simply say thanks for the tips at Churchill this past weekend.  Saturday was one of the best days I had at the track in years thanks to your service!

Joe V
Omaha, NE

I purchased the plays for Saturday (Breeders Cup) and just wanted to thank you for some great info. I hit 2 exacts boxes and a 2$TRI Box for around 670$ . It was the best 25$ investment I have ever made.

Thanks again.
G. Lassiter

I got the Cleveland +9 Sunday Top Play.  Does the Hillis hamstring change anything with my bet, or did you already factor that in?  I won the Underdog Game of the Year last week with Michigan...my first purchase with Doc's.  Good stuff.  I hope to be a steady client.  Great website, handicappers, info, and honesty.  My favorite part of your business is the transparency of your wins/losses from week to week in Doc's Daily Medicine.  It seems like the other firms try to hype their numbers when doing well and smoke screen the bad weeks.

Thanks, Kevin

[REGARDING 11th hour sports picks] I know its difficult to back off when there have been such positive results in the past. Especially when it feels like we're right there, with just 1 or 2 things happening differently, and we would win $2500 instead of losing $2500! Trust me, there's nothing more that I want than to get back to the days of apr, may, and june when it was raining cash! I have never seen anything like that in the 10 yrs I have been gambling consistently!!! Nothing even close and I thank you for that! You have me very excited for this football season with all the hype, so let's kick some butt!


Hello, how are you?

I live in Vegas and my buddy is here for the weekend. After a couple bad days at the table, I mentioned to him, stop the blackjack and take that money and put it on a game. He signed up for VSI (Vegas Sports Informer) 5 unit MLB and 5 unit WNBA yesterday. CLEAN SWEEP! Let's just say he made all his money back, plus more, thanks to you guys! You guys are the best!

Roger (XXXXX)

Hello, how are you?  With IC 5 star winner yesterday, and an amazing week in the WNBA, I just want to thank you for everything.  IC started off slow, but you guys stuck to your guaranteed and extended me until I came up with a profit.  Unbelievable run!  You guys are amazing and simply wanted to say thank you.


Not trying to butter you guys up, but I have been with several companies in the past (B*** A***, J*** G, **** T***, etc., but always staying away from the flim, flam guys) and have never seen the service and professionalism as Docs! I wish I had found you guys years ago.

Thanks again,
W M - Chanhassen, MN

So I could get the full season of college for 625 upfront? Or is that only if I purchase the one month before that? I appreaciate your fantastic customer service by the way. No other site is close to as good as you guys are.


You picks yesterday were unbelievable. You are really good. I just loved your selectioons because for the most part I would have been on the other side of most of your picks. Keep Up the good work and you will have me as a customer as soon as I get a job. Are you hiring?

John, Bedfors NH

Sorry to bother you this last time but I have to say THANK YOU for standing behind your Guarantee. Integrity is one thing you dont get from Handicappers but apparently, Docs has what it takes. You are standing by your word and that counts for alot by my standards. Nothing but GOOD word of Mouth from me and lets kick some Ass this coming week, beginning tonight with the Packers. You guys are THE BEST and this week will prove that to me, i know. Thanks for being so Customer oriented and for standing by your word.


PS----You have my permission to post this on your website for future clients to read

Thank you for the extension. I'm appreciated very much.

Your enterprise provides clients a trusted profession service.

I would recommend your services to others when they ask me.

Andrew D - Irving, CA

Wow very prompt response. I've always heard your customer service is excellent, and you have lived up to the hype. I plan on purchasing the season package anyway; or at least a month.

Thanks again

Todd S - Gulfport, MS

Good afternoon Wade Allen.

I spoke to you around 11 eastern concerning my college basketball package that was purchased. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your superior customer service. You were polite and understanding to my situation. I will be calling you concerning a paid extension for your MLB service next Saturday.

I appreciate your time. Have a great day.



Good morning Customer Service.
Thank you for extending your service in both MLB and NBA.
You run a very fair and honest company, which is why I will continue to purchase your product.
You are the best in the business.
Thank you. Hopefully we can make back lost units and I will repurchase a product when up.
Thanks again.

Downingtown, PA 


As a subscriber and gambler I cant thank Indian Cowboy enough for getting me back to even..
I did run with him the first week of the tourney and got beat up..
I didn’t give up faith and came back with him for Butler and signed up for another week of winners in the NBA which I think he is very locked in to.
I don’t see an email address for him so please forward my comments and I look forward to signing up tomorrow for MLB.
Regards, Dino in Nor Cal. Go Sharks.

Just a quick note to thank the entire Doc team. You are on a very nice run, you should brag a bit on your totals play yesterday (WSU/Ore), in the bag with 4 min. left in regulation. You have had a couple of bad beats (Hall and Weber) two teams that blew 20 point leads, and still each day ended with positive units. You are in a very tough business, almost thankless, yet you have always been professional and exhibit "EXCELLENT" customer care and service.

Thank you so much for working with me…that is why I will always stick with you..Your service hands down is the best..
Thanks, Tony

Your customer service is the BEST! I can't remember ever receiving answers to my questions as quickly as you provide ... EVER!
Thanks very much, Craig

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you guys that I enjoyed the article regarding betting against the public that Richard Anthony wrote a couple of days ago. I am not a frequent visitor of your site but I stopped by and just scrolled through some of the articles and it caught my eye. The insite that Mr. Anthony offered regarding line moves and public action made a lot of sense and was insightful for an amateur at the sports betting business. Thanks for publishing informative articles for those of us who really haven't had much exposure to the sports betting world. - Jimmy K

Hi Doc,
I Only wanted to say you many thanks for your picks. Year-to-date you have achieved very good profits in all the sports (Football, Hockey, Pro Basket and College basket), with your 4 main handicappers (and I am following them!). - Ismael

I have dealt with several sports services in my 20 yrs plus of sports wagering, without a doubt, 100% of them lied, didnt keep their word, pressured me relentlesly as well as burying me with their shitty handicapping. not only did I have to pay them, but also the "man". Although I am only slighlty ahead with your pix at this juncture, your customer service and integrity level have been very impressive. Thank you. I hope to be a customer for a while. - RD

Thank you very much for your excellent customer service. And I don't get harassing (sales) phone calls from you guys! Keep up the good work Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry - C.S.  Malden, MA

Hey guys, just wanna say GREAT service and GREAT customer service... you already gave me Doc's NBA pick for a few days because of the timing of my first purchase, but if possible for my bonus I wouldnt mind seeing Ferringo's NBA and CBB picks... for bonus #2 I posted on my status on myspace "checkin the best handicappers around... check em out for EASY $$$$....http://lnk.ms/3krst"

IC, thanks for posting the tip sheet and hope you will keep sharing. Thank you for the great work in college hoops. I have been very satisfied so far.


Thank you very much. I have tried many services from time to time over the past 15 years, and you guys are hands down, the best when it comes to customer service.

Todd B - Houston, Texas.

Just wanted to say great job on your write up for the UCLA game. Because of that, I banged a dime on the money line and got a nice 10 dime return. I have access to the best services as I am a very big player, and you and the whole staff give great info and write ups........so great job. I also played them ATS for the game, first half and second half, so I picked up a grand total of 16k on one game, again great job and I will be a client for a long time.

(B.P. Hawaii)

I'm a HUGE fan of your website because of the honesty and integrity you represent. I'm not a "big" money player, but do like the action, so I'll occasionally break down and purchase a week from a handicapper. I enjoy all the guys but have my favorites, like anyone else. I'd like to know if there is any special price if you purchase more than one capper's selections for the week?

Mark P.

I just wanted to let you know that was one of the best thought out plays I have ever witnessed( Comp play 1st half Wizzards). You painted that pick as well as Van Gogh could paint any picture. Conviction and deliberation, That is what attracted me to the Indian Cowboy persona when I first started logging on to Docs Sports. Keep that keen insight going. Well Done.

Thanks Sean

I spent about two hours today total studying your website. I've NEVER seen such a unique, personal, sincere approach and I will definitely be back at some point to participate with you. And I certainly don't mind paying full price, as you are definitely worth it from everything I can see and from the articles I've read by you and your handicappers. You and your team obviously go much further than the "extra mile."

Jeanne O

I want to compliment and express my appreciation with the way Doc's conducts its business. I have been a customer for 2-3 years and probably took for granted the way you conduct your business. A couple of months ago, on a slow Sunday, I called the 800 number for C**** Sports to get one of his $10 specials. What a mistake! I'm sure you know what happened, with people calling constantly offering ridiculous packages, etc. I have never had anyone from Doc's contact me by telephone to solicit business, and I appreciate that. I do not like the high-pressure tactics. I am convinced your service is honest and above board. I know that everyone gets the same picks, not different picks depending on the amount of money paid.


Just a quick note to say thank you. It has been a year since I first heard Doc on the radio as a participant of the Money Talks Invitational. I had always been reticent with the pompous claims of many services. They sounded too good to be true. Something about the way Doc talked, that made me believe that his word was his bond, a rarity in any business in this day and age. I have had a large array of packages, and your company backed everyone with your unconditional guarantee, a daily package at times became a several week package, yet, you insured that I was able to make a profit. That led to the big plunge of a full season package. I had no idea, how your guarantee would work, yet again, in any tough period your service were generous in supporting your guarantee.

At the half way point, I count you as 27 units ahead, after a stellar week. Thank you for your generosity and support, even when I may have pushed the limits of your word. In my book, your company is "Simply the Best".

Sincerely yours,

PS I will make every attempt to make it down to "The Riviera" (Las Vegas Sportsbook) this Friday to support Doc in his initial appearance at the "Money Talks Invitational".

Hi there! I just wanted to thank you for your exemplary customer service and honoring your profit guarantee. I truly appreciate your recognition of my investment and thank you for going above and beyond by not only extending my picks, but also allowing me to receive service from two more of your handicappers. I will highly recommend you to all of my friends who enjoy betting and I look forward to this weekend with you all! You have exceeded my expectations and again, thank you and I respect and appreciate your quality of service.


Please extend my account for appropriate picks from VSI capper for the 5 unit loss I paid for. I do have to say that you do make right on your guarantee and that is highly unlike other sports capper's I have been with in the past. I can live with losses with your company because you always make up for it in the end. Thank you for being a respectable business and I will pass this praise off to my friends who use "other" sites.

Sean S

Yours truly is a very special company. I cannot tell you how much your generosity means to me. Your team is a tremendous testament to what customer service should be. Many aspire for excellence, few achieve it. Doc's definitely demonstrates going the more than extra mile. No excuses, just the fortitude to stand by the services which your company provides. Doc's is definitely the correct prescription for the average bettor.


Just a quick note to acknowledge your service and excellence. You have stood by your product and enabled myself to not only get back to even, but a bit ahead. I had planned on signing up for your "March Madness" package, unfortunately, I will be on vacation from 3.20 through 3.28. I am unsure, how you keep track of your subscriptions, if you wondered why, xxxxx, disappeared for a couple of weeks. Just in case, I wanted to take the time to email that I will be back.

All the best,

I wanted to send you this e-mail and tell you thank you for your service. Your representatives have been very helpful and very patient with me. I do not normally watch Basketball, or actually follow too many sports for that matter, and I have to also say, I have/had no clue what sport betting was all about. It was very confusing to me, and I was clueless about spreads, odds, lines etc. But... having purchased your 99.00 package for basketball. I made that amount back in the first day, and made a nice profit over the weekend. This is the first time I have bet on any types of sports, mainly because of the lack of knowledge. With that being said. I want to thank you for your service, thanks for the nice return on my investment.

I do realize that there are win/loss streaks, but I will still continue to use the Unit system, stay focused, not get greedy and see what happens. Since I have NO knowledge of anything basketball related, all I have to do is take your picks and just wait. You offer a very nice service. I can't wait for the NFL season to start!

Thanks again..

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your excellent service and knowledge you've offered me the past few days. I purchased your $99 March Madness package and so far it's been amazing. This by far has been the best package I've ever bought for sports betting. Keep up the good work. I've only got a few more days left in the package so hopefully we can make it even more prosperous.


Since moving to Las Vegas, and now having the ability to wager on sports daily. I have found that the only way to have a chance at making even a little money, is to use a service such as yours. It takes way to much time to research and spot trends, it certainly can be done, but would become very difficult to work a job at the same time. Your companies service and demonstrated ability to stand by your product, insures that I can enjoy my hobby, and make a few dollars in the process.

Many thanks to everyone at Doc's,

Please extend my account, as I do not see us having a winning week even with a win on Monday night. I got the Navy line at 59 1/2 on Thursday night after the night game and as we know it was a push which would have lost for either way. I do think we are on the right track but I need to make a few bucks for my investment in picks. I apperciate your honesty by listing all picks on your website for weekly results and that you dont blow smoke up people's a@%es like other sites. I am not complaining at all and do truely support your site as I have gotten 2 other people to purchase your picks since I told them about the results we had in week 1. Thnaks again for your good business practices of not deciving people.


That's a very generous offer. 100% consistent with my past experiences, though, as you all always impress me with your customer service. As soon as the packages are posted, I will sign-up for Doc's NBA package. I will just shoot a reminder e-mail when that happens to activate the other packages if that would be easiest.


Wow! Allen Eastman was on fire this week, coupled with Doc"s excellent college picks. I am healthy again. Your generosity, as always is very much appreciated. Thanks for your excellent customer service.

All the best, ppatent

Just wanted to take time and say thanks Doc Sports. Been watching your website grow for years now. I did another 100 week pick and worked out great, like always. Keep up the good work, and thanks again for such quality work.

Baker H.

Thanks for the few extra days, (the guarantee) I really appreciate it. Yeah, that was a tough loss last night, but it happens. I'm just glad I decided to purchase your NBA picks last night as well, which went 3-0. Great job! I will always come to you guys when I'm purchasing any picks! Thanks again for the great customer service.


Doc's Sports has always provided full write ups on all their picks which illustrates their abundance of knowledge in the handicapping game. They do not always hit as no one does but if they give a high unit rating you can feel confident to load up your bets. They take their job seriously and are an excellent resource for help in betting as well as general knowledge. They give you so much info that you begin to feel comfortable make your own profitable picks. I refer them to all of my betting friends.



I wanted to take the time to say thanks. I don't know if you will ever get this but I figured I would try. In Feb I got on board with you because I wanted to see how this whole thing worked. I have been involved in all sports and with never any consistent luck. I figured, why the heck would a guy like me ever think that I could have success doing it my way. In every walk of life there is an expert in every single field. Well in sports, I'm no expert! Your picks have been consistently way above average and I felt I owed a huge thanks for the time you put in. I'm looking forward to the " march madness "and the upcoming MLB season. Keep up the great work.

Thanking you in advance,

Doc's Sports Service,

I wanted to thank you for the great picks and predictions!!! I bought Doc's NBA picks in February and it started out slow, but I stuck to the system and picks and have now grown a very large bankroll. I added Doc's college basketball and strike point and my bankroll continued to grow. I'm now using 3 of your baseball handicappers for the entire season(Doc's, Robert Ferringo, and Dave Busk) which has been great as well. My bankroll keeps growing and growing!!! I will be adding the NHL picks for the rest of the playoffs after using the picks a few times this year.

I'm also very impressed with your customer service. Anytime I have a question I get a very quick response. Also I love the guarantee policy - I have added a few one day packages and if the pick or picks don't earn a profit I think it is great you get the picks until you get the units you want. I also like the write-ups each handicapper gives so you have a reason and an edge for each play.

Anyone thinking of using Doc's and their handicappers I highly recommend it! If you stick to their system and picks you will have an edge over the Sportsbooks and you will make money! I will be buying 2 or 3 full season packages for each sport very soon!

Thank you!

You guys are the best-- and definitely have the best guarantee in the business! I will be a repeat customer for a long time!


Dear Doc and Co.,

Thanks for your AWESOME selections on Mother's Day- May 10th. I took all selections you had made for that day in the NBA, MLB, and NHL. I went 8-0. But the news gets even better- I then had all of YOUR picks plus five of my own picks and parlayed all 13 of them into one bet 15 dollar parlay- needless to say I hit a 13 team parlay for $22,997.85. Thanks very much for all the wonderful selections you have made over the past couple of months! Needless to say I will continue to be a Doc's Sports customer.

Thanks Again,





THANK YOU, MIKE L  (Silver Springs, NV)

More handicapper reviews will be posted here each week.