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Mike Davis

Page Updated June 17, 2019 @ 8:56 AM CST
Mike Davis

Member Notes

7-Unit MLB Blowout Tuesday (Cardinals 7, Marlins 1)

67-47 MLB Run $6,300; 23-14 $2,800


190-151 run in NBA for $10,350


MLB: 67-47 Run for $5,200; 23-14 $2,800

NBA: 98-79 Season for $3,810

NBA: 190-151 Run for $10,350


5-Unit MLB Play coming Wednesday

7-Unit MLB Blowout Tuesday (Cardinals 7, Marlins 1)

Back-to-back winning plays Saturday + Monday

67-47 MLB Run $6,000; 23-14 MLB Run for $2,800;


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Mike Davis' BIO

Mike Davis

Southern Gentleman -- Immense Competitor

Personal Life: Married with three kids

Handicapping Success: Mike Davis burst onto the handicapping scene in the early 2000's. He started his own website and garnished the attention of many of the top executives in the business. After nearly a year of negotiations, Mike sold his website and joined one major website (unnamed) and a network of other sites. His innate ability to stay at the top of the leaderboards in many different sports was and is still unmatched.

Football, Basketball, Baseball & Hockey

The four major sports in North America is what I focus most of my handicapping on. Occasionally, I will venture out on an MMA bout and I certainly love handicapping the World Cup in soccer. When I'm hot, I fire at the books heavily. See my video!

Biggest Win: My biggest win was a future play on the Alabama Crimson Tide to win the National Championship prior to the 2009-2010 season.

I have a major connection with that university and his confidence certainly pushed me over the top to make a huge wager, Mike said.

Over the past 2 years, Mike took time off from the public handicapping industry to coach football. He is also a well known radio personality in the Southeastern United States. Mike has interviewed many current and former players and coaches including big names like: Bobby Bowden, Mark Richt, Jimbo Fisher, Kirby Smart, Deion Sanders, Rodney Harrison, Chad Ochocinco, Laremy Tunsil, Randall Godfrey, Derrick Henry, Malcolm Mitchell, Telvin Smith, Greg Reid, Reuben Foster, and many more (those are just the football interviews). Mike has relationships with many coaches, players, radio hosts, and newspaper reporters. These relationships come in handy in the handicapping industry.

I couldn't stay away. When it is in you, it is in you. I love the daily grind and most importantly, I love the daily competition of trying to beat the bookmakers. I played baseball, basketball and football in high school and I played basketball in college. I have to compete; the urge to compete is in me and it isn't going anywhere.

Check back daily for my Free Pick Video

Handicapping style:

Over the years, I have developed and learned many different ways of evaluating sporting events. My personal philosophy varies from a lot of my peers as I am always self analyzing. I take an inordinate amount of notes on individual games and I document what I am thinking when I make a play on a game. After the game, I comb through my previous notes as well as my current notes and I adjust my final notes for that game/selection accordingly. Just like in sports, it is imperative to be fundamentally sound in this profession.

From statistical analysis, to injury reports to matchup reports, there are many different, simple ways to handicap a game. I welcome and I certainly use any and all information, but one of the main keys I believe sets me apart is my ability to recognize a great situation.

When is a team extra motivated? When is a team primed for a bad performance? These major keys are often unrecognized or overlooked. The ability to handicap and recognize these situations is a quality that great handicappers must possess.

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