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Alan Harris

Page Updated April 17, 2021 @ 10:07 AM CST
Alan Harris

Member Notes

Check out all we have to offer on Saturday as we have MLB, NBA, NHL, FCS and Soccer Plays!!

Alan's Big Board!!

**4U NBA Play Sat 4:40 PM**

NBA Run: 34-18 +$6,850!!

**Huge MLB Card Sat**

MLB Run: +$1,200!!

**4U NHL Play Sat 12:35 PM**

NHL Run: 5-1 +$1,340!!

**4U Soccer Play Sat 6:00 PM**

Soccer Run: +$4,125!!

**3 Play FCS Card Sat**


**4U NBA Play Sat 4:40 PM**

NBA Run: 34-18 $6,850!!

8U NBA GOY Win Wed 2/12 (NO/Dall Over)

7U NBA Win Sun 3/14 (LAC/NO Over)

7U NBA Win Sat 3/13 (Por/Min Over)

7U NBA Win Thurs 3/11 (Min/NO Over)

7U NBA Win Fri 2/19 (Phx/NO Over)

7U NBA Win Wed 2/17 (Por/NO Over)

7U NBA Win Mon 2/15 (Bkn/Sac Over)

7U NBA Win Mon 2/8 (Miw/Den Over)



4 Unit NHL Play Sat 12:35 PM**

NHL Run: 5-1 +$1,340

8U NHL Winner Mon 3/1 (VGK -140)



**4U Soccer Play Sat 6:00 PM**

Soccer Run: +$4,125!!


FCS Football

**3 Play FCS Card Sat**



**Huge Sat MLB Card**

MLB Run: +$1,200!!


Alan Harris' BIO

Alan Harris

Alan Harris (BigKatSports) cut his teeth in Las Vegas, working at some of the biggest books on The Strip. Because of the contacts he developed in his seven years in the industry, Alan has access to the sharpest lines and players in the business. Now on the other side of the counter, Alan brings this information to life as a handicapper here at Doc's Sports Service.

Handicapping Sports 2019


Basketball - NBA/NCAA

Hockey - NHL

Baseball - MLB

Soccer - European Leagues/MLS


Other Sports

Alan got his start on the East Coast, just like many of the professional handicappers in the industry today, and placed his first parlay wager at the age of eight in pools his family members would bring home on Wednesday's for the upcoming football weekend. Quickly realizing that parlays weren't a great way to turn a profit in the long term (some still don't realize this), Alan started tracking line moves and stats by the age of 10, and by his freshman year of high school he had his own set of power rankings in all sports that he wagered on. Those systems and power ranking formulas have been tweaked a time or two since then, but they are the basis for how he does his handicapping today. It all starts with these power rankings and goes from there. Information obtained from beat reporters, local wise guys, bookmakers and betting trends are then taken into consideration, and, finally, Alan's personal thoughts and observations are mixed in. All these factors help in making Alan one of the top handicappers in the industry.

Alan feels that his connections in the industry, his daily number crunching and his basic feel for how games are going to play out have led to his success as a successful professional sports bettor since making the move to Las Vegas. He's looking forward to now bringing that to his clients. Come along for the ride with this up-and-coming handicapper here at Doc's Sports Service.

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