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+EV Betting Syndicate

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+EV Betting Syndicate
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+$3,242 MLB SEASON SO FAR! - Text PICKS to 29022 for a FREE TRIAL! +EV = Expected Value Sports Betting System.

+$3,169 FIRST 14 DAYS AT DOC'S

We are +$3,169 (+31.69u) in profit since joining Doc's Sports only 14 days ago! We have been crushing the market and achieving solid closing line value. Don't hesitate and take advantage of our predictive models selections now!

+$3,169 First 14 Days Here at Doc's Sports! View BIO Below for more info!


+EV Betting Syndicate BIO

+EV Betting Syndicate

+EV Betting Syndicate

Welcome new clients to the +EV Betting Syndicate. +EV = Expected Value Betting System.

We have access to some of the worlds best predictive models which allows us to gain a unique edge on the market and stay ahead of the curve. (Expected Value) and (Closing Line Value) is something most handicappers will never mention and will not track. This is simply because they are unable to achieve such a thing.

Text PICKS to 29022 for a FREE TRIAL

Market Beating Expert with Predictive Models that achieve Closing Line Value. +EV = Expected Value Sports Betting System.

What is CLV and why is it so important?

Closing Line Value is when you place a bet which holds better odds than the closing line at a low margin sports book. For example, betting a -110 that is -140 by start time would be considered +EV and would have achieved Closing Line Value. THIS IS A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS and if achieved at a high enough rate, will guarantee long-term profit, due to the efficiency in the sports betting markets closing number. There are numerous studies that prove this to be true, and here at the +EV Betting Syndicate, we are able to identify such edges that create profitable betting opportunities across all sports. We utilize cutting edge software and program our models via both R and Python; with a team of reputable data-science experts and math modellers.

Everything is back-tested and constantly kept up to date, as we work around the clock to ensure we are sharper than anyone else in the market. This is what has us on top, and will keep us there for many years to come. Our approach also helps remove any human bias which can lead even the strongest of minds astray. Having accurate models also allows us to remain selective and truly identify the most profitable edges.

Text PICKS to 29022 for a FREE TRIAL

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We have teamed up with Doc Sports so we can change the game! With the ever-growing efficiencies and accuracy in the market, +EV Betting Syndicate is here to enhance traditional handicapping. We are here to create long-term winners and profit by following a predictive model - but more importantly - one that beats the market. +EV = Expected Value in Sports Betting.

We have managed to achieve +3% average closing line value in our models history and beat the closing line in more than 75% of all bets we place.

Irrefutable evidence of our ability to profit is demonstrated by our closing line margins and ability to read and analyze the markets.

If you're looking to start betting at the professional level and ready to join the elite, be sure to sign up for a FREE TRIAL of the +EV Betting Syndicate by texting PICKS to 29022.

We will let our results do most of the talking. Join the Expected Value Sports Betting System. (+EV)

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