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11th Hour Sports

Page Updated November 24, 2017 @ 1:06 PM CST
11th Hour Sports
  • Last 7 Days Plus $6,190! (All Sports)

    Another HUGE MLB Year: + $132,821

    New NFL Software: + $6,800

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Member Notes

NOTE REGARDING # OF PLAYS: We have some customers who love it when we release a large number of plays and others who'd prefer fewer. Though, every time we try to force The Software to release a certain amount of plays, it reduces its winning percentage. As well, we have some clients who prefer only MLB, some only NCAAF, some only NFL, and some who play them all. It's not fair to the our clients to limit the # of plays just because there are 3 sports seasons that overlap. So, what we're going to do, in an attempt to satisfy as many of our clients as possible, and make it easier, is: The number of texts per day will be down, but the # of plays could be up or down. The winning will continue and we'll try to get the plays in as early as The Software will allow us to. This will be good and should satisfy the largest percentage of our clients!

SPECIAL NOTE: It is not unusual for lines, especially O/U lines and Halftime lines, to move one way or the other, especially when we release them early and we have to, with Halftime lines. When they move towards our plays, we know The Software was ahead of the curve - When they move against us, late, that means we need to look into things.

MLB TOTAL, 2017 SEASON: + $132,821

11th Hour Sports has totally dominated MLB the last three years. We KNOW MLB better than anyone! The numbers speak for themselves and the following numbers are what $100 bettors made the last three years:

2014: $108,650

2015: $149,853

2016: $104,007

SPECIAL NOTE: We have been RED HOT in Football. Do NOT miss a Play on Thanksgiving Weekend. They are all VERY solid and fit the new System, perfectly!!

NOTE: "Special Note" area above is to notify days when The System is seeing "Higher than usual" Alerts.

Season: NCAAB: + $1,840; NFL, New Software:+ $6800; NCAAF, FRIDAY: After our 4th $100,000 + MLB Season, we're settling in on our NFL, NCAAF, and NCAAB Softwares. Another GREAT DAY on Thanksgiving, winning $$3,400 in NFL and splitting NCAAF for - $50. Those are back-to-back $3,400 days in NFL! Watch Football the rest of the season - it WILL make you $$$ and a lot of it. The new System is 2nd to none!! The New Football Software is working, and in a VERY BIG WAY! Now that a very similar Software is used for both NFL and NCAAF (totally separate Systems), watch out! We do win EVERY year and if you've been with us from the start, this year, you're won $132,821!! We'll put our MLB numbers against anyone, anywhere in the world!

We did finish our 4th MLB year in a row over $100,000!! Remember: it's a marathon, not a sprint - Stick with it!

Compare our results to any other handicapper. It's not even close. We don't win all the time, but we win more than ANY OTHER HANDICAPPERS IN THE WORLD. WE WIN EVERY YEAR!!

NOTE: The Software doesn't see things in "Wins" and "Losses", it simply sees "Stats." Stay ahead of the "Stat" game and you'll win the "Money" game.


11th Hour Sports BIO

11th Hour Sports


Special Note to Current and Former 11th Hour Sports Clients: New Software System has been released. In a nutshell, this system, just like professional sports, is about controlling execution, not results.11th Hour Sports is a Stats-Based System and, as long as we are on top of the stats, we're doing what we want to do. Games can win or lose for many odd reasons, beyond anyone's control, but if you're on top of the stats game, you'll win more games than you'll lose. The whole idea to our System, is bringing all the information (wins, losses, stats, injuries, etc.) down to one number. That number tells us whether to make a play or not, and for how many units.

Software Enhancer System: We, now, periodically (sometimes daily, but always after a poor performance), engage the Software Enhancer. It's not a complete overhaul, but more like Fine Tuning, based on stats through the last day, especially when we see the drop off of a long winning streak. It also takes teams, from certain games, that may have lost for various, odd reasons, even though the stats said they should have won, and places a higher value on them the following day, or game. This has been a HUGE breakthrough for the 11th Hour System and for handicapping, in general. It has taken things to an all new level!

New Software

11th Hour Sports Software is 100% Statistics-Based

New Softwares For Every Sport

New Software Enhancer Optimizes Software, When Turned On

Auto Adjusts, Now, Following Negative Days

If there was ever a time to "jump in" and follow 11th Hour Sports, now is the time. It will not only provide you with a profit, it will provide you with big numbers, but you MUST follow it religiously, through all of the ups and downs. As great as the System is, it can't win all the time - there are going to be peaks and valleys. But if you stick with it and manage your bankroll, you WILL make money at the end of every year. We can't prove it any more than we did the last couple of days, or any more than we have the last several months.

You'll find that, in baseball, The Software will take many underdogs. That's just the nature of the beast. If you live on favorites, you're not going to live long, with MLB. By the end of the season, you'll be very happy with the Software's results. We've always been good with MLB. Note: Every now and then The Software may release the same play twice, when that happens, please do not duplicate.

In MLB, all Plays are "Action", regardless of pitcher or pitching changes.

11th Hour Free Trial: Text "PICKS" to 29022

Sign up for your COMPLIMENTARY TRIAL! There is ZERO obligation for this trial offer - you will not be charged! To get the complimentary trial, text the word picks to 29022. Anyone can do the free trial and there is ZERO obligation. Pass it on to your friends, as we are looking for as much feedback as possible.





- "PK": Pick 'em

- "O": Over the Total

- "U": Under the Total

- "1H, OR 1ST HLF": Line for the First Half

- 2H, OR 2ND HLF": Line for the Second Half

- Last Release: Means last release for the day, unless there a Late Alert Release, triggered by our Software.

MLB: All Plays are "ACTION" Regardless Pitchers or Pitching Changes.

- "1st 5": Line for the First Five Innings

- "-.5 1ST 5": Spread Line for MLB, 1st H

- "-1.5gm"": Spread Line for MlB, Game

- "TT": Team Total

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