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IQ Sports

Page Updated September 16, 2021 @ 7:30 AM CST
IQ Sports
  • 7 of 8 winning days!

    269-221 RUN OVERALL

    BIG PLAYS (5u+) 162-122!

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That's 7 of 8 winning days overall! We are now on a 266-221 run overall! Our big plays of 5-units or higher are a very strong 162-122 so far. Don't miss out on more winners from true professionals! Get your free trial today by texting IQ to the number 29022.

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Join one of the sharpest groups of professional sports bettors in the country.

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IQ Sports BIO

IQ Sports

These Guys Make Their Living Betting Sports

IQ Sports has assembled a collection of some of the most brilliant minds the sports betting industry has to offer. Based out of Las Vegas, the team features a diverse group of professional bettors with nearly 100 years of combined sports betting experience. IQ Sports employs specialists for each individual sport to ensure that you are getting top notch plays from handicappers that are extremely focused on only what they do best.

The life of a professional sports bettor probably isn't the flashy lifestyle that some people may think it is. Most of the time we are in front of computer screen like many people in other industries. Some of our accomplishments include hitting UCONN at 75-1 to win the NCAAB Championship in 2014, racking up well over 100k in football contest wins in Las Vegas, and we've experienced some magical basketball seasons in which we made several multiples of our bankroll in just a matter of months.

Our team has taken home first place in a couple of big football contests and has several top 10 finishes in the Westgate NFL Supercontest. We pride ourselves on specialization, as each member of the team focuses only on the sports that they know best to ensure the best outcomes. We cover the NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB and MLB.

Free Trial - Text IQ to the number 29022

A team of professional sports bettors from Las Vegas

IQ Sports covers all major sports and releases their top selections on a daily basis via text message to your phone.

Partner with IQ Sports and build up your bankroll the right way – with professionals who pay their bills with sports betting profits. Sign up for a free trial today! Just text the word IQ to the number 29022 and you will immediately starting getting their plays just as paid members do.


How many plays can people expect to receive each day and when?

We will typically release 1-3 plays a day for the daily sports (NBA, NCAAB and MLB) and will have 3-5 plays per week for the NFL and for NCAAF. We try to send our plays out as earlier as possible each day (most between 6am and 9am Pacific) to secure the best line value for our clients, including sending football plays out as early as Tuesday.

IQ Sports is made up of 3 professional sports bettors in Las Vegas. How did you meet each other?

Successful pro sports bettors often cross paths in Las Vegas inside sportsbooks and at industry events. The three of us are like-minded and have a similar approach to sports betting, which made for an instant connection over 10 years ago when we all first met at an event. We all share the passion to be the best.

“Respected by Pro Sports Bettors! The Ultimate Achievement

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How much work does it take each day to study and pick games at a level that allows this to be the only form of income that all 3 of you earn?

Someone once said that "sports betting is a hard way to make an easy living" and that's 100% true. There are no off days for professional sports bettors and the weekends are even busier than the weekdays. Our guys put in an incredible amount of time reading, watching games, pouring over box scores and keeping tabs on the analytics that matter. It's not uncommon to log 80+ hours a week for the research. When you enjoy the process it does not feel like work however.

There are several professional betting groups not only in Las Vegas but around the world. What makes this team so unique?

Many pro gamblers end up going bust or can't handle the stress and the swings of gambling. We have been through all of the battles that have included many ups and downs throughout our careers. But we are better for going through those wars and we've grown our bankrolls considerably on an annual basis. We aren't flashy and have a no-nonsese approach to getting the best number and winning.

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